About ALT

      ALT(Jiangsu) Industrial Co.,Ltd.was founded in August 2003, which has been occupied in R&D and production of dynamic transmission system. Headquarter is located in Baoying County Economic Development Zone with investment capital of 180 million Yuan and occupied area of 68000㎡. Besides, it is the non-public scientific and technological enterprise of Jiangsu Province and national new high-tech enterprise. 

      In February 2014, to better serve the overseas clients, the company invested 4 million dollars and registered the ALT American company in Detroit named as ALT America Inc. 

      Development History

      15 years of witnessing from birth to metamorphosis from ignorance to maturity from a leafy boat to a distant giant ALT affects the power of industry


      The establishment of company
      Established Yangzhou ALT Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


      Establish a second phase factory
      Established the second part of the factory's main parts processing


      Expansion of the third phase factory
      Expansion of the third phase factory


      companys’ fourth phase project
      ALT(Jiangsu) Industrial Co.,Ltd. was established in Baoying Development Zone, which is the fourth phase of the company.


      ALT America Inc.
      Investing to establish ALT America Inc.

      Product Center

      Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner

      Enhance the belt anti-slipping control
      Ensure long-life work of each accessory of gear train
      Guarantee the low-noise operation of gear train system
      Compact structure and convenient installation of tensioning gear

      Timing Belt Tensioner

      Provide the constant tension
      Ensure the long-life operation of gear train parts
      Simple and rapid maintenance and installation


      Guide the belt accurately
      Change the wrap angle of belt
      Optimize the arrangement of belt driving system
      Decrease the noise

      Hydraulic Tensioner

      Reduce the pre-tensioning force of gear train
      Improve the service life of belt and bearing
      Small operation noise of gear train
      Reduce the operation energy consumption of motor

      Timing Pulley

      Structural optimization
      Processing of advanced technology
      Improve the gear strength

      Timing Chain Tensioner

      Meet the stringent requirements of high-performance motor
      Perfect clearance coordination with the chain

      Hydraulic Tensioner Unit

      Improve the effective damping
      Enhance the absorption of system vibration energy

      News Center


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