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Assalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)
As part of our ‘Simple Fiqh’ (Jurisprudence) section, where we shall attempt to clarify the Islamic rulings on contemporary issues in easy to understand language, but based on authentic sources, here is the Juristic Decision on Television from the Islamic Fiqh Academy (India).This is a body of internationally renowned scholars and experts of Medical Sciences, Economics, Sociology and Psychology and Theology. This excerpt was taken from the book, Juristic Decisions on Contemporary Issues published in 2007 which contains decisions from their Twelfth Fiqh Seminar:

The television is a marvellous means of communication by virtue of which one can, not only listen to the voice but also see the faces of the people and events from all over the world. Sometimes, the motion pictures are telecast live on the television or the telecast of any conference, event, sports activity or function is recorded and preserved in videocassettes and telecast later on.
One peculiar problem with the television is that whether the pictures which are shown to the viewers through this medium fall under the same category of picturing and portraying which is prohibited by the Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) or not. Generally, the scholars from India feel that the photographs taken with such type of cameras (motion pictures) are also a part of the prohibited ones. Some of the scholars from Arab countries are of the view that photography doesn’t come under the category of prohibited pictures.

The second troublesome aspect of television is its misuse. In the veil of entertainment, enjoyment and advertisements, the dignity of women is being outraged. Vulgarity and bawdiness has become a common phenomenon. Furthermore, such morally denigrating movies and soaps are being aired on television, which simply cannot be watched by a family sitting together, or else they face tremendous embarrassment. The children get so much infatuated by the T. V. programmes that their interest in academics and books dwindles steadily. These vices are just like the tip of an iceberg. They have been brought about by the television making itself a curse on the society. No doubt, the television can be employed for certain constructive and beneficial tasks. However, its negative impact on the society at large far exceeds the virtuous and constructive gains it provides.

Under these circumstances, the participants of the Seminar call it’s use and the vulgarities and obscenities that it breeds as highly impermissible and a medium of destruction for the society and, thereby, instruct the populace to avoid it’s baneful use.

And Allah knows best.


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