Heart & Soul

heart_and_soul.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

They say it’s good to talk.

Good to talk to your friends, good to talk to your parents, good to talk to your wife – indeed it is good to talk, but I say it’s not only good to talk, but important who you talk to.

Sometimes we talk to people who can help us, sometimes we talk to people who we want to help.

Sometimes we talk to people who influence us and sometimes we talk to people whom we can influence.

And sometimes, we just need to talk, to let all our problems out – you know what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved – or doubled – depending on who you speak to!

So why not talk to Allah? Why not ask Allah for help? Why not ask Allah for guidance? Why not pour out our heart and soul to Allah, who will always want to listen and help us?

With Allah our relationship is of an extremely strange and wonderful nature. On the one hand we have Allah, the Creator of the Universe, the Sustainer of all His Creation, the Absolute Master of every particle that exists. And on the other hand we have ourselves, we who been created by Allah and are being sustained by Allah, His humble servants.

Yet, when a slave of Allah lifts up his hands and asks his Lord with full humility and sincerity, the Mercy of Allah draws near. And when a servant of Allah thanks Him for the favours that he has been blessed with, Allah the Most Merciful increases those favours. And again, when a slave of Allah begs for forgiveness from Him, provided there is sincerity in his repentance, Allah is always quick to forgive.

Even the best of friends get tired with lending a helping hand sometimes – not so with Allah. With Allah, the more you ask Him, the more He will help you and lend you aid when you need it the most. This is because Allah likes humility, and when a person repeatedly turns to his or her Allah then that means that we are showing our utter dependence on Allah, saying to Him who created us, that without Him we are lost and helpless and that we need Him at every turn in our lives.

This is what is known as Dua (Supplication) and it should be at the heart of each and every Muslim’s relationship with his Lord. That is why the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) referred to Dua as being the soul of all Ibaadah (Worship).

Indeed, if we take these words of our dear Prophet (PBUH) to heart and start talking to Allah, one will find, that even in this fast paced humdrum existence that is the 21st Century, one can get so close to Allah – the One who we owe everything to.


The image, ‘Heart and Soul’ is copyright 2007 by Donald W. Larson,
www.timeoutofmind.com, and used with his written permission.

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  1. JazakAllah khair for this post!

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