Salaat your way to Happiness!

calligraphic_man_large_small.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Up, down, touch the ground, turn around go to town!

Up, down, touch the ground, turn around, go to town!

Up, down, touch the ground, turn around, go to town!

Up, down, touch the ground, turn around, go to town!

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost it (yet!). The four sentences that you have just read is, as somebody once described to me, the way we pray our Salaat (Prayer)!

Muslims have to pray to Allah five times a day, and this is called Salaat. For a Muslim, once he or she reaches the age of puberty, it becomes obligatory, and indeed, it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. In fact, Salaat is so important in the life of a Muslim, that his or her Islam is only truly established when he or she establishes prayer, five times a day.

The little ‘description’ at the beginning is my attempt to draw our attention to the fact that not only is praying Salaat five times a day important, but the quality of the Salaat is equally important. Just as there is a difference in the outcome of a free kick taken by a teenager and a free kick taken by David Beckham because of the quality, there is a difference in the outcome of the Salaat prayed by someone with concentration and calm as opposed to someone who prays in the manner described in the opening.

What is the outcome? The outcome can be the acceptance of the Salaat or the granting of the Dua (supplication) made after the Salaat, or it could be the difference between Allah’s pleasure or displeasure.

Anyway, it has to be remembered, that being the human beings that we are, our nature is more towards taking than giving. That is why we want to know, for example, how much money we are going to be paid for the work that we do, or, what we will receive in return for any favours that we carry out – it is the way Allah made us.

And as I have mentioned before, nobody knows us better than Allah who created us and that is why, whenever we perform good deeds, Allah will always give spiritual benefit, as well as physical benefit – that means rewards for this world and rewards for the Akhirah (Hereafter) as well.

For praying our Salaat five times a day, spiritually Allah will give us Sukoon (peace, tranquility) in our hearts and Allah will bless our faces with Noor (radiance) whereby we will fell the bliss of doing something for He who gave us life. Physically, the very nature of Salaat is such that a person will stay fit and healthy because he is exercising all his limbs and materially, Allah will give us Barakah (abundance, blessings) in our daily bread.

Furthermore, by praying five times a day, the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has likened Salaat as a spiritually cleansing exercise, where, by the Rahmat (Mercy) of Allah, a Muslim’s minor sins are washed off. And I forgot to mention that the person who prays five times a day will also be saved from any calamities that may befall him after death and on the Last Day, and that Allah will enter him into Jannatul Firdaus (the Gardens of Paradise) without any reckoning – now how cool is that?!

So once again, we see how Merciful our Allah is in that He is prepared to give us so much for so very little effort. However, the ball is in our court now, and it is up to us to reflect upon this and take decisive action by applying the teachings of Islam in our daily lives.

And remember, slow and steady always wins the race to reach Allah!


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