Barbecues, Treks & Fundays – Raise money the Islamic Way!

snowdon-1.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Money, money, money!

Everybody wants it and nobody wants to give it! Most people love it, yet some people hate it (or so they claim!), and everybody thinks that money makes the world go round.

Well it doesn’t because Allah makes the world go round!

Anyway, apart from having my little rant about the evils of money, I did have a reason for mentioning it. And yes, as the astute ones amongst you will have already guessed by now, it’s in connection with raising money for charity, raising money for a good cause – raising money to please Allah.

Islam does not attribute excellence to the person that earns a lot of money and spends it on himself. Islam favours the person who earns his or her money and out that lawful Rizq (sustenance) which Allah has provided, gives a portion to those in need.

Then there are the people who organise events, fundraisers, treks (like ours!), fundays (like the Ansaar event, even though it was cancelled!) and many other things for the sole purpose of giving all that is raised in good works, like charities, helping the poor and needy, building Masaajids (plural of Mosque), etc.

So to all those involved in these wholesome activities, keep up the good work and may Allah accept your efforts. Whether its a small barbecue or a brilliantly organised funday, only Allah knows how much good the money is doing in this world and only Allah truly knows how much of a positive impact it is having on our Akhirah (Hereafter).

One thing is for sure though.

That whoever is engaged in any activity and is making any effort which would have been approved by Allah and His Prophet (PBUH), then not only will Allah love him, but Allah, through His Infinite might, will make it such that others will love him too.

May Allah accept all our efforts. Ameen.


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