Easy come, Easy go

2a51decfd58d6a8311fdd3f8e71a.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Everybody has their ups and everybody has their downs. It’s one of the fundamentals of life on this earth.

Obviously, human nature being such, we like to have more ups than downs. And if it were, completely left up to us, we would certainly devise such an existence for ourselves where everyday would be better than the previous day, where everyday would be the best day ever.

However, we must never forget that whatever goes up, must come down, and that this Dunya (world) is not the place for a Muslim to make his or her paradise. Indeed, there is going to be a time when everything will always be good, and yes, there will definitely be a place where not just everyday, but every second will be better than the last.

That time will be when we will be in the Akhirah (Hereafter) and that place is Jannah (Paradise)…

Imagine having whole rivers change their course at your whim and fancy. Or pebbles of emeralds and other precious stones.

Imagine living in palaces so splendid and big, that they cannot even possibly be conceived of in this material world.

Or imagine, relaxing on raised couches, in lofty, luxurious gardens, landscaped in the way your heart desires.

Imagine doing whatever you want, comforted by the knowledge that you can do no wrong…

And so it will be, that the people who thanked their Lord at times of happiness and turned towards their Lord whenever any calamity, great or small, befell them, shall enter into the Gardens of Firdaus (Paradise) and experience its complete bliss.

So, as each day in this world passes, each bringing with it good or bad news, we as Muslims, will never stop turning to Allah, whatever our predicament, and keep on thanking Him and turning to Him.

And guess what?

Because Islam teaches us to follow the Middle Path, in the sense that we do not forsake life on this earth and the life that is to come but that we strike a balance; if we keep on turning to Him through the rough and the smooth, then Allah will give us the contentment of heart which will make this life one of easy come and easy go.

And Allah knows best.


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