The Miracle of Zamzam

_42936747_10.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Zamzam water is the water which is found in Mecca. This water has a special place in Islam as it has many benefits both spiritual and physical.

It was discovered by the Prophet Ismail (PBUH) as a baby. As he was crying because he was alone in the desert with his mother Hajra, whilst his mother was running between Mounts Saf’aa and Marwaa in search of water, little Ismail (PBUH) started kicking his heels in the sand, and alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) water started to gush forth, and to this day it is flowing…

In 1971, the late King Faisal commissioned scientists to analyse the constitution of Zamzam water to test its purity. The samples were sent to European laboratories which discovered that Zamzam had higher concentrations of magnesium and calcium which may explain the unique refreshing quality that is to be found in Zamzam water. They also found that it had high Fluorine levels which account for the germicidal effects of the water.

The great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always expounded the benefits of the water, highlighting its healing properties and the fact that any Dua (supplication) made after drinking Zamzam is sure to be accepted by Allah.

And Allah knows best.


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