Wibble Wobble!

573792_balancing_act_.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

It’s always better to give rather than to take. The upper hand (the one that gives) is always better than the lower hand. And what better way to give, than to give something back to the community?

Whether black or white, Asian or Jamaican, Muslim or Trinitarian (!) we can all get together and give something back to the communities which gave us that helping hand in the first place.

In this respect, the young, vibrant (and sometimes workaholic!) employees of Yorkshire Water have been ‘wobbling’ away and have managed to raise £40,000 from different sources to help keep ‘Wobbly Tots’, which is a parent toddler group, open in their new premises at The Shelter in Scholes.

The three who took the most active role are Jamie Wilson, Paul Howarth and our very own Riyaz Patel! Just another example of how, if the right effort is made, we can make such a huge difference and help each other – irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Please click on the link below for the full article published in the ‘Spenborough Guardian’.



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2 Responses to “Wibble Wobble!”

  1. You cannot attain the pinnacle of piety until you spend of that which u luv..

    first ayat of the fourth juz

  2. Absolutely Abu Maryum – just think of the spending of the Sahabah and it gives us an idea of how we are lacking as a contributing factor to today’s society.

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