Humanoids – TRANSFORM!!

832873_acceleration.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Ok, so there might be a little reference to the recent film in my title, but strictly speaking, I do not watch films!

But, my intention in this post is to encourage Muslims and non-Muslims to try to be more open.

As Muslims, we should be more forthcoming towards everybody and stick to simple, good manners and courtesy all the time. We should always try to explain the teachings of Islam in a simple, easy to understand way and we should always be looking for ways in which to increase our knowledge of Islam – through reading the right books and by constant Mashwera (consultation) and company of the pious Ulema (Scholars).

Needless to say, actions speak louder than words, so we should always practise what we preach. And don’t be afraid of questions. That is to say, that when somebody asks a question, it is usually to gain a better understanding, so try and answer as fully and truthfully as possible and promulgate the fact that Muslims are a people who are forthcoming and open hearted.

My polite request to non-Muslims is to think before you make any judgements…

…Is what I’ve seen on the TV or read in the tabloids likely to be the true Islam? Have I asked a living, breathing, practising Muslim about the way of life that he or she follows and why they follow it, or have I just come to some unreasonable assumption based on one-sided evidence?

They say that a proud or a shy student never learns, so all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, should try to accommodate each other’s views and beliefs. I’m not saying that you should believe in something which goes against your religion – whatever that may be, but that you should respect the beliefs of others and ask Allah or God for true guidance, because only He Alone can guide and misguide.

Who knows? If we kept this open, compromising attitude, we might even be able to get along with each other and live a peaceful existence which is full of understanding and compassion instead of ignorance and malice.

But we will never know until we try, so let’s try, and transform the human race!


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