The Answer to Your Prayers

44889_answer_sheet.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

A man came to Ibrahim bin Adham and asked him:

Allah says, ‘And your Lord has said: Call upon me and I will respond to you’ [Q40:60]

So what is the matter with us that we supplicate yet we are not answered?

So he said:

  • Because you know Allah and are well acquainted with Him yet you do not obey Him.
  • And you acknowledge the Messenger but you do not follow his Sunnah.
  • And you know the Qur’an but you do not act upon it.
  • And you eat the from blessings of Allah but you do not give thanks for them.
  • And you acknowledge Paradise but you do not request it (in your actions).
  • And you acknowledge Hellfire but you do not flee from it.
  • And you know Shaytan (Satan) yet you do not fight against him but rather you comply with him.
  • And you know (of the reality of) death but you do not prepare for it.
  • And you bury the dead but you do not stop to ponder and reflect.
  • And you leave your own faults and shortcomings and busy yourselves instead with those of others .

These words of Ibrahim bin Adham, although hard hitting, are nevertheless quite thought provoking – not just for Muslims or non-Muslims, but for people.


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