Don’t Sell Yourself Short

730387_barcode.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)


It’s one of the ‘buzzwords’ of the modern era. It could be said to be a description of the way how things (usually a product) are advertised, promoted and sold. And it is big business.

Indeed, looking at it from a common sense perspective, if something was not brought to our attention, say a particular mobile phone handset, then we would probably never desire it, let alone possess it. This principle applies to everything in the modern world due to the monstrous effect of globalisation.

And this marketing doesn’t stop with products – we as people market ourselves everyday. At work, at university, wherever we are, consciously or unconsciously, we are showing to the world what we stand for – and guess what?

People are always looking.

I am referring of course, to the spotlight cast upon the Muslims over recent times. Due to various events which have happened all over the globe, the world is waiting now with baited breath to ’see what the Muslims do next…’

Tricky times indeed, but I say, why not make the best of it?

Why not take the trouble to strengthen our relationship with Allah so that we can show the true Islam?

Why not take the trouble to learn about Islam so that we practise it correctly and in such a manner, that Allah is pleased and others are left with nothing but mouth watering interest?

Why not behave like our dear Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did, so that others can see that Islam is a way to live and not a way to scorn?

Ok, so I’m getting a bit serious, but I hope you see what I’m getting at. I hope you see that what Allah has given us is a way of life which means peace and harmony for all. Where rights are fulfilled instead of demanded, where the weak are not trampled underfoot, and above all an understanding – an understanding that we as human beings, have not been sent here to fight, but to get along and to live, so that we can prosper in this short abode and permanently in the Akhirah (Hereafter).

So let’s not sell ourselves short, let’s all be a means of bringing some peace and tranquility into this world – let’s be an asset to humanity.

And Allah knows best.


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4 Responses to “Don’t Sell Yourself Short”

  1. Im really likin this concept if marketing oneself,never really thought of it b4, lol guess i choose 2 belive ill do what i do and not expect ppl 2 realise,but i suppose its now more than ever that we as muslims must portray 2 the world our true lifestlye.lets show the world who we rely are and detach the stigma attached to being MUSLIM!Be gone with you stigma-dt was my poor attempt at a joke :P

    Salaam :D

  2. Ok so you got the mood right but what i would really like to see,as well as indivduals marketing thenmselves, is the ummah marketing themselves. Islam need a good PR man right now and thats all of us…yes you! So get your acts together and pray and stand together in this. Market the Islam we all know and love their in no excuses to sit back and say ” The extremists are not real muslims, they dont know the true Islam” so if you do go on and market it! Saatchi and Saatchi watch out!

  3. Yes guvnor! Jazakallah for your comment and I really do agree with u in the sense that we can all become this PR man/woman that u have so helpfully suggested. I believe that it all starts from yourself and gradually build upwards and outwards – things like 5 times prayers and reading the beautiful Qur’an should be things of a second nature to the PR Man/Woman of Islam.
    May Allah give us Taufiq (Divine aid). Ameen.

  4. The biggest marketing and advertising tool at our disposal, which one and all can relay and also its inexpensive is akhlaqe nabawee – Beautiful character of Prophet p.b.u.h.

    Thus, the invitation line of the Sahabah (companions of beloved Prophet p.b.u.h) was,
    Kunoo mislana! Become like us and you’ll be successful!

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