The Man Who Gave Orphans Their Rights

787433_why.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

To have parents is a Ne’mah (blessing) from Allah which is priceless.

Just think of all the things your parents have done for you, are doing for you, and what they will continue to do for you.

The love that parents show their children is something which cannot be competently described in words. They will do everything – just think of how many meals have been cooked for you by them. Or how many times you have gone shopping and paid for everything through cash (or card!) provided by them.

Or how many times they have simply been there – how they have believed you when others haven’t, how they have stood up for you when the chips are down, how they have given you belief in yourself when you were ready to call it a day.

Now think of somebody who has never experienced this – somebody who has never had parents running around after him, never felt the comfort of a mother’s embrace – think of an orphan.

Not many people know this, but the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) was an orphan. With his parents Aamina and Abdullah passing away when he was still a child, the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was raised first by his grandfather and then his uncle.


Why did Allah make His Prophet (PBUH) an orphan?

To show the world that there is no disgrace – that there is no disgrace in the lot of an orphan.

And Muhammad (PBUH) proved it. He proved it in the honesty of his dealings – such honesty that it won him the hand of the most sought after woman in Mecca – Khadija (RA).

He proved it by instigating and becoming a member of a committee of eminent youths of Mecca who made a pact that they would look after the welfare of all travellers who came to Mecca – in short, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) proved to the world that there was and that there is to be no disgrace in being an orphan.

That is why, in Islam, the house where an orphan is looked after properly will receive Allah’s blessings. And that is why, in Islam, whoever passes his hands over the head of an orphan, then the level of forgiveness that person will receive will be in accordance to the number of hairs that came under his hand (from Hadith). Amazing huh?

So welcome to the way of life brought by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – welcome to the way of life called Islam.

And Allah knows best.


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