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547771_kusbasi.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Q: You keep on saying that Islam is a way of life, so what does it say on the issue of backbiting, or to use the more modern phrase, gossip?

A: Good question. In Islam, backbiting or gossip is Haram (forbidden), and if a Muslim commits any act which is Haram then he or she will be committing a sin.

Q: Isn’t drinking alcohol and eating pork Haram?

A: Yes, they are and, therefore, backbiting falls under the same category, i.e. it is Haram. Furthermore, to emphasise the dislike Islam has for backbiting, the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in one narration likened it to eating the flesh of your dead brother! Now you tell me how many people want to have that attributed to them!

Q: Ok, but what if what is being said is true, does that make any difference?

A: This is the classic mistake that people make. Just because it is true, it doesn’t mean that you can publicise it behind the person’s back. Furthermore, if it were not true, then it would not be backbiting, it would be slander – something so bad that even the legal system of England has made it a crime (Slander/Defamation)!

Q:  So why does Islam place such emphasis on this?

A:  Well for a much more in depth answer (and probably a more correct one!) you will have to seek the company of an Alim (Scholar), but to my limited understanding, it would seem that such as emphasis is placed not to backbite becuase first of all, our dear and noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) disliked it and also because if you refrain from backbiting and gossiping, then you will be able to keep a much more cleaner heart towards the rest of Allah’s creation – Muslims and non-Muslims – and thus outwardly improving your manners and inwardly improving your love for Allah and gratefulness for all the Ne’mah (blessings) He has given us. 

And Allah knows best.

Disclaimer:  As I have mentioned earlier, I am not an Alim and so the answers have been of a very general nature and are not intended to be referenced Islamic rulings.  If that is what you are looking for, then I readily point you in the direction of any reliable Alims you may be in contact with.  Please feel free to correct me on any point by leaving a comment.  Jazakallah.


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