Chocolates, Cakes and the Purpose of Life…


Assalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

My daughter is coming to that wonderful age where she is full of question; difficult questions…

Dad… “Why do we blink?” “how do birds fly?” “why is the sky blue?”. Some times it gets trickier: Her mum is 4 months pregnant; my daughter points to mummy’s belly and enquires “what’s in there?”, I got in there quickly, I couldn’t resist “plenty of chocolate and cakes.” I got that look from my wife (all the husbands know what I’m talking about) which meant I had to put things right – “there’s a baby in there sweetie”. “…but how dad, how did the baby get there, where did it come from?” she questions. The question sent a chill down my back, it was getting too tricky for me, time to pass the buck, “mum, tell us how”. Mum panicked and called bed time…phew!!!

It is not only an instinct of a child to ask questions but a human instinct no matter what one’s age. I ask myself each morning on the way to work, “why am I going to work?” “do I really want to be doing what I’m doing?” (If you were wondering, the answer to the later question is an unequivocal “No”). Today I was sat in the office lost to the world pondering bigger questions, “What is the object of my existence?” “What is the purpose of life?” The verse of the Qur’an came to mind where the Almighty explains to us “I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.”

How do we worship Allah? As I understand, we need to recognize our Creator, be grateful to Him, surrender ourselves to Him and obey the laws that He has determined for us. Whatever we do in the course of our day, whether it be eat, sleep, walk or pray it must be as ordained to us by the Almighty through his chosen messenger, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We need to learn the way of life brought by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and only then can we truly realise the gift of Islam and attempt to fulfill the purpose of life.

May Allah forgive our shortcomings, unite the Ummah (community of mankind) and guide us all to the Straight Path. Ameen.

Please forgive any errors as they are from my weakness and any right guidance is from Allah.


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2 Responses to “Chocolates, Cakes and the Purpose of Life…”

  1. True, the purpose of life is clear in Islam, first of all as a Muslim you have no doubt in his mind that:
    Allah is the creator of Man
    Life in Ad Dunyah (material world) is temporary
    Death is the only guarantee in life
    Time will be spend in the grave, either pleasant or difficult depending on ones own choice of attitude and actions
    Day of Judgement will decide ones fait and one will be judged according to the most fair of standards by Allah the Almighty.

    Therefore the purpose of life and salvation as understood by the Muslim can be simply stated as “Obey Allah (God)”

    We must come to know our Creator, Sustainer and Ultimate Judge. We must learn to believe in Him, thank Him, praise Him, honour Him and worship Him, alone without any partners from His Creation. We must learn about His Messengers and Prophets, peace be upon them, and the message with which they were all sent. We must learn the Word of God as was directly revealed, preserved and memorised and passed down by memory throughout all the generations of Muslims to the present day.

  2. Jazakallah for the comment Hussain, but don’t u find it surprising the amount of people who mention things like this but don’t act upon it themselves?
    Also, I must comment on the fact that you have boldly written “Obey Allah” but have not put it in context. You see, it is not only worship which falls under that category, but also other things like Akhlaq (Islamic etiquettes), being softly spoken, modesty and respecting the dignity of others – all of these are things which our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught to all of mankind.
    Jazakallah for your comment.

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