Last Minute Revision!

830250_open_book.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Like many people, having started my new job I have been sent on a number of training courses, many of which I already know (or suppose to know!!!), but as we all say training course is what? – time off work so hey, no-one says no!!!!

Whilst on the course I was bored out of my brains (having previously done most of the course at university) trying to keep my eyes open and not trying to make it look like I was still interested with my eyes slowly starting to glaze over was the hardest task. But then a comment was made by the tutor “what you will learn in the next four days is the fundamental to you being able to do your job properly and doing it correctly and must not be forgotten” and then it hit me. What is a fundamental??

Something we must know or do? Correct?? Then how many of us can truly say that we have sat down and gone through what the fundamentals of Islam are? Have we revised these? Even considered just having a quick read about them?

Being humans we tend to forget many things, many of us have to write things down, many use outlook diaries etc to keep us up to date.

The only reason I ask is Ramadhaan is approaching us fast and this is something which all Muslims look forward to. Time to get to close to Allah (IA), but would it not be better to revise the subject first before we start the course. Why do we fast? What is the main purpose? What are its rewards? And what are its benefits?

Many of us will be questioned by our work colleagues many times as to what is the purpose of fasting, why not revise the subject and give them a proper answer, not one we have cut and pasted together with everything we have heard and learnt.

Like everything we have to revise things as humans we have a tendency to forget it is our nature, but that does not mean we sit down and revise the subject.

I pray Allah gives us the strength to learn about Islam properly and gives us the strength to keep on learning and practice as much as possible. Ameen.


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