Special Offer: 10 for the price of 1

836748_apples_for_free.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

If you are a Yorkshire man your eyes will have immediately turned to this screen: as they famously say in this lovely part of the world, “ought for nought”.

Its funny how the word “SALE” draws you in to the shops to offload your hard earned cash (or easily obtained credit on your plastic card) for the goodies that you want. “A bargain” they cry, “2 for 1″, leading us to buy those things that we like and even those that we are not so sure about but think its too much of a bargain to resist – we’ve all bought a shirt because we thought it was a bargain at that price but never worn it once.

Now, let me tell you of a bargain that you would only be foolish to resist: an offer that is open for the duration of your life, an offer that gives you a return like no other, an offer where there is no need to queue (I have seen people queuing for hours on end to enter a Next store during the sales term – oh my word!!!). A manager’s special that gives you 10 for 1. Yes you read it right, “10 for the price of 1″. Let me introduce you to the words of the Almighty in the Quran:

“He that doeth good shall have ten times as much to his credit” [6:160]

A beautiful story that shows this verse being practised upon: at a time of drought in Madina (the first Islamic state), Uthman, the third caliph returned to Madina from Syria with one thousand camels loaded with food. When the news got around Madina, all the traders of Madina gathered at Uthman’s house to express their desire to purchase the food. Uthman asked them how much profit they were prepared to give him on his merchandise. “Twelve dirham on every ten dirham worth,” they replied. “But I can get a better price,” said Uthman. “Then we’ll give you fourteen,” Uthman again said that he could get a better price, whereupon they put their price up to fifteen dirham. But Uthman stood firm. Bewildered by his attitude, they asked him who could give him a better price, considering that all of the merchants of Madina were already assembled there. “I can get ten dirham for every dirham worth,” he told them, then asked them if any one of them could give a better price than that. No one spoke up. Then Uthman recited the verse of the Quran above which says that those who do good will be rewarded tenfold. He explained to them that he intended to give away all the food to the needy people of Madina.

We all can do/give to take heed of this great opportunity; may Allah help us make the most of this offer especially with the holy month of Ramadhaan fast approaching. We conclude with a hadith which puts in to perspective how easy it is to do a good deed:

“Every good act is charity. Your smiling to your brother is charity; an exhortation of your fellowman to virtuous deeds is equal to alms-giving; your putting a wanderer on the right road is charity; your assisting the blind is charity; your removing stones, and thorns, and other obstructions from the road is charity; your giving water to the thirsty is charity.”

Please forgive any errors as they are from my weakness and any right guidance is from Allah.


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  1. Wa ‘alaykum assalam
    MashaAllaah very nice post. Nice presentation…


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