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775678_39061520.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

As the media engine continues to build on its repertoire of spin regarding issues relating to Islam, we as Muslims have to exercise extra vigilance when it comes to matters pertaining to our way of life.

Unfortunately, the picture painted by the media of Islam is a very depressing one. It is one of intolerance, barbarity and violence.

But anybody who has the correct basic knowledge of Islam, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, will immediately be able to see that this is just plain hate mongering designed to ‘rev up’ the masses, and that it in no way depicts the true picture of Islam.

So, once again, the ball is in our court, the move is ours to make.

Truly, in Islam, Allah has blessed us with a luxury greater than any other – the Ultimate comfort zone. A comfort zone of such proportions that it delivers ultimate peace and tranquility, not only for the followers, but if followed properly, for everybody.

So, what the Muslims must do is actively show that Islam is completely opposite to these baseless accusations – because it most definitely is.

We will only turn the hearts of men through our Islam if we ourselves are blindly in love with Allah Most High. We will only earn a special place in the hearts of people if our good deeds are done with utmost sincerity. And, we will only be able to ‘market’ the way of life of Muhammad (PBUH), if we ourselves are familiar with and are practising his code of conduct.

So, what do we do? How do we do it?

Well, the answer is simple – we must show to humanity at large a different way of life, the life of a Muslim. If in Britain, then the life of a British Muslim, if in America, then the life of an American Muslim, if in India, the life of an Indian Muslim – but above all, we must show the middle way, the life of a Muslim – a different, peaceful existence.

In 1981, the great Alim (Scholar), Moulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, delivered a speech during a trip to the UK.

I do not aim to summarise the speech, rather I would be very much obliged if readers could click on the link below and read the speech in its entirety. It sums up the mood of this post, and 26 years on, it couldn’t be more accurate.

Dear reader, indeed Allah has posed the questions but, He has also most helpfully provided us with the answers. Let’s help the cause of humanity, take them off the shelf and put them into practice, and show the whole world that we as Muslims are an asset to humanity.

And Allah knows best.



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