The PR Man/Woman of Islam

814457_business_card_3.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Well, during our frequent discussions about how we, as Muslims can contribute to society in a better, more productive manner, my fantastic principal has hit upon the rather catchy (and somewhat glamorous!) idea of a PR Man/Woman for Islam.

Somebody who walks and talks and breathes Islam, yet somebody who is beyond any of the stereotypes. Somebody who is a good example of what it is to live life in this lovely country as a fully functional member of society and as a fully practising Muslim.

Somebody who goes to work, University, college, etc, yet still prays their Salaat (prayer) when it is time. Somebody who is always ready for a bit of a laugh and a joke, but always stays within the boundaries of Shariah (Islamic law).

And I thought, well, in fact, the ideal PR man/woman of Islam is not somebody super-special, but it could be every one of us.

The very fact that Allah sent Prophets who were human beings to guide mankind is a glaring example that a human being can live the life of this world, but do the actions which recognise that there is a Creator and that there is an Afterlife. That is why, although it would have been so easy for Him, Allah did not send beings like the Malaaikah (Angels) to guide mankind, because then people might have had the excuse that they could not follow a way of life which was shown to them by a being made of Noor (light), whereas they were made of Dust.

And in the fast paced mixer that is life in 21st century Britain, the message of Prophethood still applies and the teachings of the Qur’an are, and will always be applicable to the way of life of man.

So lets start advertising Islam. Through our clothes, through our speech, through our Akhlaq, through our honesty, through our prayers, through our compassion, for the benefit of everybody, for the benefit of mankind – lets become the PR Men/Women of Islam.


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6 Responses to “The PR Man/Woman of Islam”

  1. very true boss, we only have to look back at history and how whole countries became muslim because of the muslim traders and their honesty. everyone is special and unique and can make a difference in many ways. all we have to do is make the effort to learn and practice our deen and propagate to others, not forcing but through our actions.
    “Action speak louder than words”- everyone knows islam but we have to show them islam- the real islam. May Allah help in this quest.

  2. Too true guys. Lets start from today,each one of us. Make it your Ramadaan 07 challenge. As well as fasting, I challenge you all to at least carry out one act per day of Islam PR. There will be extra points if this is directed at a non-muslim!
    He who dares wins!

  3. Now that’s the sort of enthusiasm I’m talking about guvnor!
    Let’s do ourselves and our dear Prophet (PBUH) proud by becoming the best possible ambassadors of Islam

  4. So Guv whats your target then?- mine was to have atleast my work team memebers aware of ramzan, you know the basics and have a better understanding of it.

  5. MashAllah. There you go I reckon you have got a good few points out of that one. See that’s how the truth spreads. By a ‘Few Good Men’ taking small steps to make big changes. Don’t underestimate the power of what you just did. They at least will have the know how to either spread it on, correct misinformation when they hear it and at the very least have respect and an awareness of those participating in Ramadaan. Good on you. Now who’s next? Come on don’t be shy! It’s a win win situation. You please Allah and you also spread the right message. Its an Islam BOGOF! (buy one get one free-for those who have been asleep for the last 50 years).
    My target is to educate the fellow parents at my childrens school. So far so good. They try to not look interested but when my 8 year old talks about her fasting it makes them sit up and listen! Sorry Sid hijacking your blog a bit there!

  6. Hijack away guvnor – I like this rallying style of yours!
    Anyway, do we have some more takers, do we have any more budding PR Men/Women for Islam out there?
    Leave a comment and let us know your ideas…

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