Can You Feel The Difference?

858537_mosque.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Well, alhumdulillh (all Praise belongs to Allah), Ramadhaan is finally here!

And you know what? I’m not trying to sound like I’m walking on the 7th Heaven already (!), but I think I can feel it!

Can you feel it too?

Can you feel it by the way the hairs stand up on every part of your body when you read from the Qur’an, or when you are listening to its recitation during Taraweeh (special night prayers)?

Can you feel the change in atmosphere? The very air seems to be electrically charged and it seems that everybody is practically living in the Masjid, and transforming them into buzzing centres of spirituality! (As they should always be).

I’m sure we all feel it at the time of Iftar (the time of breaking the fast at sunset), when we pop that first kebab into our mouth and say ‘Alhumdulillah’ from the deepest, darkest depths of our hearts!

Well, these, and many many more are the Barakaat (blessings, abundance, there is no exact translation of this word) of Ramadhaan that Allah blesses the entire creation with. It is a time when His Mercy descends and enshrouds us, and Allah makes it easy for his slave to re-strengthen that ever weakening connection with his Lord.

So lets turn back to Allah this Ramadhaan. With conviction of heart and application of mind, lets make this Ramadhaan so good that through our piety and our sincerity, our repentance and our patience, through our compassion and our mercy…..lets make it so good, that Allah Most High has mercy upon His creation- lets make a difference this Ramadhaan.


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One Response to “Can You Feel The Difference?”

  1. are you sure your not smoking Pot? LOL no alhumdulilah we getting there slowly but surely . Couple of years ago i would go for the fastest taraweeh now i want to pray behind a qari- feel so much better.

    Anyway remember me and all the ummah in your dua.

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