Reminders for the Enlightened

707197_real_juice.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

In a world where the pressure to succeed means that the average human being is knee-deep in worries relating to his material and financial progress, it’s not surprising that his or her spiritual wellbeing is overlooked.

Whether it’s the nag of employment, the stress of constantly balancing your monthly wage between your necessities and mortgage payments, or the stress of studying hard to pass those all important exams, despite showing to the world that we have the luxuries to make life an easy sojourn, underneath we seem to be getting more and more stressed, more entrenched, more bogged down, more and more trapped – whichever word you choose – underneath we are not simply not happy.


Because we don’t have enough money? Because we don’t have enough commitments? Because we don’t have enough responsibilities?


Because we are forgetting the little reminders that are there everyday. The little reminders which put this life into perspective and the Akhirah (Hereafter) in focus. The little things which Allah shows us on a daily basis, which, if we reflected upon for a short while, would make the hum-drum of daily life more…..liveable.

Have we not got up for work at the break of dawn and trudged back home after sunset and not pondered about how, one day, the sun of our life will also set?

Or heard the news about so-and-so passing away and not taken a minute to ask oursleves, “What IS going to happen to me after I pass away? Have I prepared for it?”

Have we not looked up at the stars on a clear evening and wondered, “Is this life all there is?”

Even in the commercial world, as one line of products finishes, and as another line comes to replace it, has the thought of “When will I be discontinued from this world?” never entered our heads?

And what about Allah Himself? Have we not thought about Him?

Have we not thought about His Majesty when we learn about how vast this Universe that He created is?

Or about His Hikmah (Wisdom) when we study science and learn about all the processes and consequences which happen, not only upon Earth, but in our very bodies?

What about that juicy apple you just had for lunch? Where did the sweetness come from? How was it stored in the seed which gave flower to the tree which bore that apple?

These reminders, and many more are all there, and they are all set by Allah so that we, His creation, can understand the real purpose of this world and in doing so recognise His Mercy in blessing us with the wealth of Islam.

Truly, a reminder is beneficial for the Believer, and truly are the Believers the enlightened ones.


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