Eid Mubarak?

736347_fake_moon.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

As there are some people who are celebrating Eid today (Friday 12th October 2007) and some who aren’t, I think it’s important for my readers to know what’s what…

The Facts

The Astronomical New Moon is on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 5:00 GMT (i.e., 1:00 am EDT, or October 10, 10:00 pm PDT).

It will not be visible on October 11 anywhere in the world, except Southern tip of South America and Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific.

On October 12, it will be visible in New Zealand Australia, Indonesia, South Asia, Africa and Africas. In North America on October 12, it can be seen with some difficulty.

The Events

Saudis announced Eid to be on Friday, Oct 12. Of course, it is impossible to see the moon in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

All the above information was taken from www.moonsighting.com.

I leave my discerning readers to form their own conclusions…

And Allah knows best.


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10 Responses to “Eid Mubarak?”

  1. If Saudi are wrong then Iran, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, U.A.E. must all be wrong as well. All these countries are celebrating Eid today….?!

  2. That’s a very astute observation!
    1.6? Isn’t that a bit powerful?!

  3. Just go with the flow. If your parents are celebrating Eid then join in the celebration. Remember what the Prophet(saw) said about our parents.

  4. Thats not very logical is it.. If the Prophet (saw) followed his parents/forefathers, surely he (saw) would have done pooja of the idols aswell.. Allah has given the Muslim ‘Aql, he does not follow the crowd, and there is no taqleed when it comes to fardh/haram matters. Stop jumping on the ‘we follow our local mosque’ bandwagon.

  5. Please no moonfighting! Jumma is a day of Eid for ALL muslims, so i suppose everyone will be celebrating Eid today…EID MUBARAK!!

  6. Oh go on then I’ll give ya that one!

  7. Salaaam.
    Althought Saudi maybe wrong, which they are no doubt about! But in one Family, Parents doing Eid one day and the Son’s/daughters’s another day that is bang out of order!!! For Saudi to announce it there has to be sighting of the moon, now if the person/s giving witness are doing something wrong then they will be questioned in the hereafter!!!
    In the hereafter we won’t be asked about it. But we sure will be asked about breaking/ hurting our parents!!!

  8. Absolutely Mohammad I definitely agree with u – but I think that u might have jumped the gun a bit…
    You see, I personally know of someone, who did their Eid on one day whilst his parents did it on another. However, he informed me that he only made the decision after both his parents gave him the blessing to do so. I also know that he consulted with various Ulema as well…

  9. So, If we apply the logic of this article to the performing of Hajj which is based on the 5 days of the month zul hijjah the conclusion will be………? Please advise!

  10. 2 million + people starting their Hajj rituals a day early as they are in Saudi and follow the planning, organisation & application of Saudi time table. (Of course this is if you believe the data on the quoted website, the affiliated article, author and co)

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