Time for some Forward Thinking…

s_handshake3.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Well Thursday 27th September 2007 saw the community action group called Forward Thinking attend the small town of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire for a group visit. They were joined by staff from the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism at the Home Office.

The objective was to expose their staff to a wide range of views throughout the community, and alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) the feedback from them is very positive.

In a letter to the community, they confirmed that the programme, which included vists to all the Masaajids (Mosques) in Savile Town, Dewsbury and question and answer sessions with the local people, exceeded expectations. They said they all learned a great deal from the various conversations and meetings and that the visit provided a fresh outlook which benefitted the officials responsible for policy and administration throughout their field of activity.

For us, as a Muslim community, it is a step in the right direction in these troubled times, and I, on behalf of the whole community, would like to thank all the officials who took the time and came down to Dewsbury and sincerely hope that this is the first of many visits and events.

May Allah reward you all.


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  1. I guess based on the article you are from Dewsbury. In the era of Computer Games and the Box, children have been ‘brain’ washed with what is important in life so in my opinion ‘Forward Thinking’ needs to start looking at what they can do for the future of Britain.

    Recommendation: Dewsbury has plenty of Mosques and a handful of churches. Have you considered working with them to provided coaching to children in a safe friendly and fun environment? Venues could be Mosques, Churches and Comminute centers. The coaching could be around sport i.e. football and fitness coaching or educational such as GCSE/SAT’s revision workshops. There must be qualified coaches/teachers in the area so why not utilise them. This way you can help in the development of ‘our’ future. – Forward Thinking – the way to a harmonious Britain.

    By the way, I think you have done an excellent job gathering people for the cemetery cleaning. May Allah give you success in your efforts, we need more people like you…

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