A True Story…

830250_open_book.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

The following article is a true account from the life of a Muslim sister. However, what happened to her could happen to any woman irrespective of colour, race or creed. For me, it re-iterates the fact that Allah has created women with such a unique strength – a strength which men do not possess.

May Allah give the writer of this article steadfastness and the best of rewards for letting us publish it…

“I woke up with a smile, a huge smile, for today I had my first pregnancy scan – I was going to see my baby, or more correctly my foetus at 10 weeks. I hadn’t been feeling too well so this was a precautionary check to see that all was well. I was told to drink at least a couple of pints of water before my trip to the hospital otherwise the scan would not show my little one properly.

I started and continued with the water drinking, so enthusiastically that on the way to the hospital water was about to burst out of me. I couldn’t take it; I had to ask my husband to pull up the car so that I could run to nearest toilet (which by the way was that of a local dentist) – a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do! Relieved (in more ways than one) I had to go through more water to refill my body – we finally reached the hospital and made our way to the scan room…

With excitement tingling from every bone of my body the nurse went about her business to locate the baby. She assured me that as soon as she sees something she would let me know. 10 minutes later she was still searching… my excitement was slowly turning to an anxious wait….my wait went on…until…”sorry mrs, you’ve miscarried”. I broke down. My husband tried to comfort me, but how could he, my joy, my baby, my future had been snatched away from me. What had I done wrong? Why was this happening to me?

With shattered dreams we returned home, I cannot explain the pain and grief I experienced. On our return I sat miserably whilst my husband was flicking through our book collection – I couldn’t believe that we had lost our child, our dream of a family and all he could do is flick through books. After a few minutes he came with a book in his hand, sat next to me and read out the following:

“By him in whose Hand is my life, the miscarried foetus will drag his mother towards paradise with his navel string if she had shown the patience for the sake of reward from Allah.” (Hadith)

I burst out in to more tears. For my Lord gives without limit – how high has He ranked the status of the woman that He offers such a great gift for what I had gone through (and people talk about inferior rights of women in Islam???).

My thoughts for any woman who has suffered a miscarriage is to distance yourself from those who make you feel bad for having a miscarriage, these cultural hang ups have no place in Islam and so do not divulge yourself in self blame – Allah does not put a burden on a soul that it cannot bear so act upon the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah has ordained greatness for you in the eternal life.”


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2 Responses to “A True Story…”

  1. how amzaing- i have personally had to witness the pain and it is not nice trust me. but as we can see Allah the most merciful is looking to honour us and bless us so much that he by showing a little patience it can be our way in to heaven. May allah gives us the strength to learn and practice both sabr and shukar.

  2. Ameen.

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