Kinetic Worship

831ffe1ea9448515cbb0b12a9fc6a4.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

It’s amazing why more and more people don’t want to get married these days…

Obviously, the illicit morals which are promoted by Western society have a lot to do with it. The idea of sexual freedom, personal freedom, the idea of doing what you want and not being bound by the constraint of having to think about anybody else.

But in actual fact, it seems we have got lost in the blurb of the West and forgotten about the things which are actually good for us…

Everybody wants peace of mind. Everybody wants stability in their hearts from any worries which are rocking the structure of their lives. Of course everybody wants to do what they want, but isn’t it better when that thing is shared? Indeed, as a Muslim, don’t we want to get reward for every action that we do? Don’t we want to be worshipping Allah every second of the day – don’t we want to be in a state of kinetic worship?

And so, the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH), through his action and through his speech instructed us, his followers, to marry.

He taught us that after a Muslim gets married, he or she is in a perpetual state of worship, whereby every action done earns great rewards, even if that be a morsel of food in the mouth of the partner. He told us that when a Muslim marries, he or she completed half of their Iman (Faith) and that they should fear Allah for the remaining half.

And such is the beauty of Islam, such is its common sense nature, that the Prophet (PBUH) even said that when husband and wife have sexual intercourse with each other, as well as fulfilling their carnal desires, they actually earn great rewards in the Akhirah (Hereafter)! The Companions (RA), questioned the Prophet (PBUH) about this and he confirmed that just as a person would be guilty of adultery if this were carried on outside wedlock, when this is done as part of matrimony, Allah gives the couple reward.

And finally, the Prophet (PBUH) specifically instructed the Muslims to marry pious men and women.

The reason?

So that the couple fulfil their rights and obligations towards one another and so that they have pious offspring who obey Allah and thus make a better contribution to society.

May Allah find us all the partners who are Khair (good) for us and may He give us the Taufiq (Divine aid) to fulfil each other’s rights.

And Allah knows best.


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4 Responses to “Kinetic Worship”

  1. It would be so great to find one special person that you can annoy for the rest of your life…

  2. Sid (and Mrs Sid to be), may Allah bless you and shower his mercy on you and may He grant you both a pleasant and prosperous life. Ameen.

  3. How convenient & timely :)

    Said the Holy prohet s.a.w;
    An-nikaho min sunnati, waqal, famar ragiba un-sunnati falaysa minny.

    Translation of the above beautiful hadith to the near meaning,

    Nikah is my sunnah and he said, whoever refutes my sunnah is not from me.

  4. Near Translation of 1 of that ayah which is prayed during the nikah sermon (which some of us IA be hearing tomorrow in Zakaria Masjid 1130)

    “Oh people, indeed we have created you from (1) man & woman and made you from different tribes so that you may recognise (each other),
    Verily the most accepted of you concerning allah is the one with most taqwa”

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