Muslims Go Green!

antarctica.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

As Muslims we believe that the sun, moon, stars, trees, atmosphere, and all other processes and cycles on planet earth have been made subservient to humanity by Allah. And so, we as Muslims, as human beings, should respect what Allah has given us by doing what is in our power to help preserve these Ne’mats (blessings) of Allah.

It can be seen as one of the ways in which we show Shukr (gratefulness) to Allah by appreciating what He has given us and not adding to any processes which may play a role in destroying these great bounties.

Just think of the sun. Think of the living things on Earth which depend upon its light and heat.

Or what about the atmosphere – the ozone layer? How amazing is the Hikmah (Wisdom) of Allah that he made the ozone layer like a barrier to let in the good and keep out the bad?

Increasingly, ‘modern phenomena’ like global warming and the Carbon footprint are being brought to or attention. What’s more, is that the way it is being portrayed in the media, i.e. the way it is being ‘dosed’ out to us, we are led to believing that we are living in a time where if we don’t do something positive and long-term about the environment, then pretty soon this planet that Allah has blessed us with, will start losing some of its greatest assets.

I am of course referring to such things as the melting of the ice in the Arctic and the increase in global temperatures which is having a knock on effect on wildlife and the ecosystem as a whole.

Therefore, we must do what we can to preserve our planet. Not just for the sake of it but because we are humans who appreciate what Allah has given us. If we do so, first of all, life will be easy for us to live on this planet and also for the rest of Allah’s creation. And what’s more, if we do so, we will be able to preserve the beauty of our planet so that future generations will also be able to enjoy the wonders Allah has made and in doing so, recognise Him as the Creator of all the wonders.


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2 Responses to “Muslims Go Green!”

  1. so what you got planned?
    solar pannels on your house?
    or you going to start walking?

  2. If the muslims and the general masses follow the teachings of islam i.e. the divine and eternal book – QURAN and the traditions and of the final PROPHET s.a.w. then there would not be an iminent planet wiping environmental disaster looming on us and generations to come as lead to believe by the powers to be.

    The fundamental source and reason for the so called Climate change – Ozone layer etc is ISRAF (EXTRAVAGANCE) being Wasteful and of course Israf – EXTRAVAGANCE is HARAM (Prohibited) in Islam whether it be in Food, Clothes, Habitat, Transport or just basic & general things.

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