Gadget Crazy

film-tv.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum (Peace be upon you)

Apparently Britain has gone gadget crazy.

And you know what? I think I believe that.

According to a few official sounding polls and surveys, we the consumers in Britain, have spent more on technology this year than any of our European counterparts, and have come second only to the Americans…

So we now find ourselves in a world which has been shrunk by the advance in telecommunications, blown wide open by the availability of vast tracts of information to anybody via the web, and most worryingly, neglected by the Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc, i.e. the whole human race who are not only spending more time indoors sitting in front of their screens typing away, but when they do go out, polluting the already waning atmosphere in their big, gas guzzling cars!

It reminds me of a quote by an Indian philosopher, who, when told about the wonderful advances in aviation and other technology made by the West remarked, ‘Yes, you have learnt how to fly in the air like birds and swim in the sea like fish, but how to walk straight upon the earth, you do not yet know.’

It is a sobering thought for these fast-paced, uncertain times. Uncertain because, although the average Westerner now has more gadgets and technology in his bedroom than previous governments, it seems that what is inside, as Shaikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi put it, the ‘human stuff’, is deteriorating.

Our manners, our morals, our values, our loyalties, even our faith – they all seem to be gradually decreasing or becoming less important in our lives.

As a Muslim, I can only speak as a Muslim, but I am sure from what I have heard and read, that this is a thought echoed by many others as well. Indeed, one of the fundamental principles of Islam is to put the love of the worldly attachments from out of our hearts and the yearning to do all those things which please Allah into our hearts.

Well if that teaching is followed, the we as Insaan, as humans will see our hearts grow again and find space and attachment for each other and for our Lord rather than the shiny, humming gadgets which we are coveting today.

And Allah knows best.


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3 Responses to “Gadget Crazy”

  1. The more our lives resemble the lives of those who Allah has praised & complimented in the Qur’an the more shall we be at ease & peace.
    Further more, those who Allah has praised & complimented in the Qur’an were done so not due to their possession of small, smart shiny gadgets but for their strong imaan (faith) and ability to sacrifice their whims, desires & necessities for the pleasing of Allah and his messenger s.a.w.

    “They prefered others above themselves although poverty drew the lot”

  2. Subhanallah Hudhud! And even for the average Joe on the street, these prized possessions are drawing his attention away from the reality of the Life to come and making him more and more immersed in this world.

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