A Gift from the Shaikh!

823934_a_yellow_hand.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) I met the Imam of Masjid-e-Hidayah, Dewsbury (he is also my friend!!) this weekend.

He gave me a little present, but said that I could only have it on one condition…

The condition being that I share it with everyone else! So, just click on the following link to receive the Shaikh’s little gift and may Allah reward him for all the good work:


And Allah knows best


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8 Responses to “A Gift from the Shaikh!”

  1. Very informative! Jazakallah

  2. was is this about??I dint read all ov it bcoz it seemz too long!

  3. simply an overview of muharram and how important it is. what we should do etc and the rewards we receive.

  4. ok thanks 4 explaining dat 2 me very briefly! I saw the amount of writing on the document and I thot 2 myself I cant read this it 2 much!

  5. Did anybody hear this weekend that who ever did Bakra Eid on Wednesday (like myself and others) did Eid on the wrong day! So they thought they would tell us after a month later! I should’ve done Eid on Thursday with my Pakistani neighbours.

  6. Hadz! That’s xactly how I feel too! I wish we all did Eid on Thursday
    It was actually announced at my local masjid on Friday after jumma namaaz. I herd this from certain members ov my family who came back from the mosque, they were all talking about it, it all sounded sooo interesting 2 listen 2!

    Apparently the imam stood up after namaaz was finished and made an announcement that we all did Eid on wrong day! (Well xcept himself bcoz he does hiz eid 1 day after)
    Then slowly people started standing up 1 by 1 and started making comments to each other. Instead of having a quite little debate amongst themselves, it turned into a huge argument, people insulting one another and all sorts!! It happened in front of evry1, da whole mosque.

    I wander why these interesting things and big arguments always happen in our local masjid? Yes the one and only ~*??!~@!!! And therez no need to take 3 guesses as to who was centre of attention – our chairman ?! *!!?! and Co.!!

    I hope he doesn’t read this blog or else I will be in trouble! – For information leak!

  7. who edited my comment?? Bcoz am sure I wrote 2 namez of people which is shown as “?!??!” whoez done this 2 my comment?? and Y did u do this 4?

  8. [...] A Gift from the Shaikh! [...]

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