In Qur’an We Trust – An Afternoon With Allah’s Word

624136_koran.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you)

Insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah), Hidayah Blog will be holding its first event, which will be a Qur’an conference, this Sunday 24th February 2008 in Zakaria Masjid, Dewsbury.

The speakers include homegrown talent such as Moulana Shahid Feroz and Moulana Hasib Mayat from Batley who will both be delivering short 20 minute lectures on the Qur’an.

This will be mixed in with beautiful recitations from Qari Irshad of Hope Street and the renowned Qari Saeed Makda.

Please come down if you can, there will be separate seating for sisters insha-Allah.

Here’s a recap:

Venue: Zakaria Masjid, South Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Time: Between Zuhr and Asr prayers (Zuhr:1pm – Asr: 4:45pm)

Speakers: Moulana Shahid Feroz & Moulana Hasib Mayat

Qurra: Qari Irshad & Qari Saeed Makda

See you there insha-Allah.


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12 Responses to “In Qur’an We Trust – An Afternoon With Allah’s Word”

  1. Definitely a home grown talent!!! A Very capable and intellectual moulana shahid. People of Saville Town should really appreciate him.

  2. if you cant make it please pass on to as many people and make aware, jazakallah

  3. Should be good.

  4. Insha-Allah. May Allah also make all the other events, namely the one happening in Preston at the same time, a success!!

  5. Masha-Allah. Both events turned out perfectly!

  6. So did any sisters attend this event? Or was it a male only function?

  7. I thought the prgramme was very good.

    Personally as a hafiz e quran I went through a period where i only use to pick up the quran only in ramadhan. But through a bit of fikr I have started reciting the quran on a daily basis.

    The programme I thought was very good as I could relate to the speakers. May allah give us the tawfeek to do the kadar of the quran & recite the quran daily and gain spritual enlightnment from the quran ameen.

  8. Alhumdulilah nearly 60 women also attended the function – not the official figure though

  9. From what i hear this event was a definite success. May Allah give all those who helped organised the conference the most excellent reward. Also,inshallah may it give the organisers further encouragement to hold more events in Masjid-e-Zakaria. (Ameen)

  10. Further events are in the pipeline and will be posted on here once they have been confirmed. In the meantime all are requested to make dua that Allah makes it easy for these to be set up.
    keep your eyes and ears open :)

  11. Yes, insha-Allah there will be more events – just keep up with your duas and ideas!

  12. it was very good. it definately changed my life

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