Time To Go Green!

974423_lonely_tree.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum (Peace be Upon you) 

All around us is the beautiful world which Allah has provided us with.

 Just take the vast ‘ceiling’ which is our sky.  Simply sit there and stare and you won’t find any cracks.  And what about those amazing fluffy clouds?!  Look at them long enough and you’ll see whatever you want to see!

Beautiful blue seas teeming with fish of every sort and colour, amazing sand beaches,  and great, towering majestic mountains – we have truly been blessed with the most beautiful planet by Allah.

But as Muslims what have we done to preserve this bounty that Allah has given us?

Have we even laid any thought to this beautiful planet and how it is slowly diminishing in front of our eyes? Do we blink an eye on issues such as deforestation or global warming? Does it even bother us?

Well its never too late, and even though vast ice shelfs are now melting as a result of our planet polluting activities, we too can take a part and help save our planet and recycle – yes recycle! Remember the word? Below are some steps which we can all do to help towards this noble cause:

· Recycle half your waste at home!!- sort everything by sort paper / bottles etc.

· Ensure your household is well insulated- do you know how much energy we waste? Get this done and you could probably lower your home bills - not bad eh!!??

· Use energy efficient bulbs – I’m sure we can do at least this much!!!

· Save energy – turn off machines and that does not mean standby!!

· Re-cycling bins. Remember the Green ones – put the correct bits in each one and make life easier for those recycling.

· Educate your family members & publicise -your program won’t work if others within the household and work are not on board. Make sure everyone understands the importance of recycling and the benefits.

· Help plant some trees – help reduce the greenhouse effect.

Who knows how much of an effect we will have on the planet if we do this?  It might not seem like much, but remember, just as the steady dripping of water on the same part of a stone erodes it away over time, we too can reverse the damage that we have caused to this bounty that Allah has given us by being considerate towards the environment and going green.

May Allah give me and all of us the Taufiq to try our hardest to make a start with this.


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9 Responses to “Time To Go Green!”

  1. Aameen! JazakAllah for this post…
    The following point you made really made me ponder:
    “Help plant some trees – help reduce the greenhouse effect.”
    Planting more trees would certainly (inshaAllah) help reduce greenhouse gases. (As plants take in the toxic carbon dioxide gas that we breath out etc) But if we can’t be bothered to plant more trees and stuff then Atleast we should stop cutting them down. Should we not? Trees and other plants are a wonderful creation of Allah SWT it baffles me why people cut them down…

  2. indeed and to top it up, planting a tree would, inshaAllah, be counted as an act of charity (and the ajr everytime someone recites subhaaallah upon viewing the tree…!) Recycling- another way to implement the beautiful teachings of islam to our everyday lives, another way to please Allah inshaAllah!

  3. We can all start this summer.
    Each to take a small tree and plant it in our gardens – tree will not cost no more than £10, then watch it grow over the years and trust me every time you see it it will bring a smile to your face.

  4. What if there’s no grass in your concrete garden?!

  5. plants some flowers in pots then!!!

  6. I’ll get the seeds off you then shall I?!!

  7. Get rid of the concrete…

  8. Easier said than done!

  9. True say..
    Maybe if you ever move out – it’s something to consider…

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