The Day My Life Changed

823826_family_concept_1.jpgAssalamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you)

The day of my marriage:

I was sat there next to the Imam as he read the Khutba (sermon), read the names of the witnesses and then turned to me and asked if I accept the person as my wife. I will never forget that moment…that deep black hole feeling in my belly thinking ‘Damn that’s it, I’m a married man after this!’, those couple of seconds were like, ‘Wow! My life will change forever from this point forth’ – but now I have been given bigger and better news…

My wife had been feeling sick for couple of weeks. She had the usual symptoms, not eating, not feeling very nice, I thought she must have caught a nasty bug, especially with the recent weather changes.

I remember she cried at night holding me tight whilst she found it very difficult to breathe. Then the scary thought of a new baby crossed our minds, so we decided to check if she was pregnant before going to see the doctor.

Life goes on per usual and I had to go to work like any other day. Whilst sat at my desk at work, my wife decided to take the test. She broke the news to me that I am going to be a father through a quick and teary phone call. That point I was struck with such a feeling I can not explain. The joy inside me made me want to jump up and scream but just like my wedding it hit me: ‘DAMN there will be mini me calling me daddy!!?? Me..the big kid is going to be a daddy! I still get shouted by my own dad and now someone calling me dad!! This is unbelievable.’

Once the information sank in I thought, ‘How cool is that!’ That feeling of joy and happiness was just so overwhelming. The emotions in my body were all over, my tongue even went numb for a few seconds. I wanted to jump on my desk whilst on the phone with a client and just scream with joy- don’t ask how I did not scream!! Trust me that has to be the hardest thing to do ever. Trust me the feeling I cannot even put it down into words.

Allah has blessed me with many wonderful things in life, my family, my friends and now insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah), Allah will bless me and my wife with a child. I still remember when she broke the news, it felt like my insides wanted to jump out and just say woohoo!!

My wife says she was so over the moon she did the test twice!! And both times that feeling of just pure amazement was just as magnificent. The smile on her face just makes it all worthwhile.

Each night when I sleep, I sleep with a smile on my face and think how lucky I am.

The only thing I ask of you is to make Dua (supplicate) that Allah makes my wife’s pregnancy easy and we have healthy pious child.

So please pray for us all and those to come too.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

Jazakallah khair (may Allah give the best recompense)to Mr and Mrs T for sharing this post of joy with us. May Allah make your child the coolness of your eyes.

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28 Responses to “The Day My Life Changed”

  1. Congrats T, thats great news and thanks for sharing it, its put a real smile on my face.

  2. SUBH’AANALLAAH – Congratulations Mr & Mrs T, this brings a tear to my eye. Your going to be a dad now, wuhoo… I want to jump on my desk for you :)

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Hussain and Gaj! But I don’t want to jump on my desk since it’s made of glass!!

  4. you don’t way anything you prob bounce off it ;)

  5. Shame about your spelling T!;)

  6. WoW!! SubhanAllah!!

  7. Congratulations to u and ur wife!
    Must be an Amazing Amazing feeling…!!

  8. I thought you were having a kid Sid when i started reading the article, until i came to the last paragraph!!!!!!!

  9. very much is.
    still early days so please make dua

  10. WOW! Ohhh soooo sweet!! Wot an interestin story 2 read 4 a change! It really put a BIG smile on my face reading this. Am soooooo happy 4 u Mr T, even though I dont know u. Congrats!! N thanks 4 sharing ur gud news wid us! X

  11. Congratulations Mr and Mrs T!!! SubhanAllah what great news!
    May Allah Bless you with a beautiful pious child, our duaas are with you!!!
    Let us know when the baby arrives!!!

  12. Yaz its soooo sweet init! Dats y I told u 2 read it! Yeh Mr T do let us know wen Tiny T arrives in dis world!

    I fink der shud b more gud stories like dis 1 on dis blog, instead of all da boring stuff about terrorism etc. I like to know about peoples personal lives, init Yaz!

  13. I don’t think the stuff about terrorism etc is boring. Infact it’s informing people of the beauty of our deen (religion). It’s showing people that don’t know nothing about Islam other than what they see on the news and read in the papers – that Islam is a religion and a way of life of peace!!

    The standard joey (i.e. you and me) know this but alot of people don’t.

    Plus even though I know all this already I still love reading it.
    So please do carry on.

  14. Ok the stuff about terrorism its not dat boring but its sumfin dat I already know n hear bout it all da time. So therefore I dont like reading the same stuff!

  15. i see what you mean but like i said – for the benefit of other hundreds of readers….inshaAllah..

  16. So are you sayin the goraayz read dis blog aswell?

  17. Eerrr excuse me?! Who are the “Goraayz”? Do you mean the non- muslims?
    Yep – I think the non- muslims DO read this blog. Actually I Know they do!

    I love this blog man… didn’t think there was anything on the internet like this for Dewsbury until just a while ago… I think it has the potential to become well established…. InshaAllah!!!!!

    may Allah SWT reward those that who work on this site and their families with the very best in both worlds! Aameen!

  18. Jazakallah for your encouraging comments both of you – may Allah accept our efforts and make it of use to humanity.

  19. Aameen!!

  20. BTW which month is the baby due?

  21. Inshallah the baby is due in December. You never know may have the same B’day as me ;)

  22. and you never know who may be delivering it.

  23. will watch out for december babies.

  24. Yeh I fink we all know who the goraayz are! N I dint know dey dis blog aswell. And by the way A.P there is no need 2 act like asif u hav never herd any1 say da word “goraaz”!!

    P.S I luv dis blog 2!

  25. Sorry Miss/Mrs/Mr “xxx” I don’t know who “Asif” is. I don’t come on this blog to bash anyone or to learn anyone’s identities…
    Hope you understand! Khair!
    Apologies if you feel offended!

  26. lol sorry for that comment … just realised you were saying as-if and not Asif!

  27. but yes I have heard that term used many a times…
    I just don’t think it’s appropriate! sorry! hope you understand!

  28. Well A.P if u red my comment properly den u wudnt b havin 2 say sorry 2 me 3 times!! Dnt wory am not offended.

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