Ingleton Falls Walk

989230_arnoldfalls.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Sorry about the last minute nature of this notice folks, but I was told about this only yesterday and have only had time to post it today. Here’s the details of the walk organised by the local group, ‘Kum on Y’all!’:

Event: Over 40’s Walk at Ingleton Falls

Venue: Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, Broadwood Entrance, Ingleton, Carnforth, LA6 3ET

Date: Sunday 27 April 2008

Time: 9 am – 3 pm – Meet at 35 Orchard Street, Dewsbury, WF12 9LT

Moulana Farooq has informed me that all those who are attending should bring packed lunch and one extra for him as well!!

Once again, sorry about the last minute-ness of this, and I hope people (over 40!) do go, and enjoy themselves.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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10 Responses to “Ingleton Falls Walk”

  1. Insha allah the walks will be on going monthly, for people to go out socialise, get healthy and have a good time. By the way I like tuna mayo sandwich..

  2. Oh no read this too late.
    By the way is this for both the gender’s?

  3. I don’t think it was – sorry!

  4. That is indeed ‘Farook Molisab’!

  5. Kem?? Who is A.P.

  6. BTW the next walk will be on the 25th May insha allah..The demand is high. Masha allah.

  7. How can I forget my students,how dare you insult me. I love my students too much to forget them.

  8. The suspense is killing me..

  9. Don’t get me started!lol! Moulana B was also my teacher! They were all fantastic teachers and still to this day are!

  10. I am still wondering. Is it by chance the Mol. S family A.P. and Ishy.

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