What is Islam? – Islam and Terrorism

963366_peace.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

If an extra-terrestrial came down upon the earth today, he/she (or It!) could be forgiven for thinking that the religion of Islam is somehow linked to the word ‘terrorism’.

Indeed, thanks to reckless leaders and flagrant press reporting, the words ‘Islam’ and ‘terror’ are now synonymous and the mention of one leads you to automatically think of the other.

But is it true?

What does the way of life of Islam really have to say on terrorism?

At this point I invite my readers to take a look at the Islamic greeting which I put at the beginning of each post, it means ‘Peace be Upon you’. It is the Islamic equivalent of ‘hello’. There is no other culture or religion in the world that has this as their greeting – no other religion which propagates peace amongst humans right from the outset.

And the killing of innocent people – what does Islam have to say about that?

Well let me explain one of the fundamental rules of warfare that the Prophet (PBUH) encouraged: this was that no member of any Muslim army during war should kill women, children, elderly people, and people worshipping in their temples or places of worship – irrespective of their religious persuasion.

Furthermore, the Muslims were emphatically instructed not to uproot trees or cause unnecessary devastation and bloodshed. So if this was the teaching during times of war, you can imagine what the Prophet (PBUH) encouraged at times of peace.


Because the Prophet (PBUH) believed and taught the Muslims that Islam was sent upon the earth by Allah to bring peace within humanity, and so even during times of strife, a Muslim would do everything in his or her power to uphold that teaching.

Therefore, that means that when it comes to the killing of innocent people, let alone Islam, no sound human being can condone such behaviour, after all, who are we to take an innocent life?

So, terrorism? No, Islam does not propagate terrorism nor does it encourage the killing of innocent people and mindless bloodshed.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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  1. Well written, a simple yet very informative article

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