Testing Times

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

We’ve all been there…

…The big test or the big exam.

Whether it’s for school, college, University or even later on in our careers, there’s always a defining point, a critical point – the day of the big test!

Why is this test so important?

Because it helps us progress. If we pass, we get given the all clear to move on – that we are now qualified in that area – don’t you love it when you pass!!?

The flipside is obviously when you fail. This means that you have to do it all again, that you are not good enough yet and sometimes that’s the end of the road – I hate failing!!

And just think of that period before the test – when you’re busy revising, studying, cramming – whatever you wanna call it, it’s definitely the make or break time. In that period, you study for hours, eat less, go out less and generally do less of the things which you want to because you’ve got to take the test. Once the test is over, and you know you’ve passed, you know you can chill, relax and do whatever you want because the hard work is out of the way.

So for a Believer, this life is also a test. It’s a test which lasts the span of your whole life.

What’s the reward for passing?

Allah’s pleasure and eternal happiness in Jannah (Paradise).

And the price of failure?

Well let’s leave that for the time being, let’s concentrate on PASSING!

Just as in any test, to pass the test which Allah has set us, we must sometimes do things which go against our own desires but which agree with what Allah wants and gets us marks in our ‘life paper’.

And just as in all tests, to know how to get the best marks we must keep on learning how to please Allah. Things like Prayer and Fasting is what comes to mind, but let’s not forget things like fulfilling the rights of those around us and being good human beings to EVERYBODY.

And so that day will come, Insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah), that we will stand up and be told that we have passed the test of life. That way, we will have irrefutable proof, something backed up by Almighty Allah that the life we led was a good life – a life of benefit to us and of benefit to others.

So, the clock is ticking, the paper’s set and every second of our life, we are filling in the answers. Only one thing remains now – and that’s Results Day…

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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