Marriage Matters – Ladies Seminar

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Well it’s here – finally!

Insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah) this Saturday, 7 June 2008 we will be holding the long awaited ‘Marriage Matters’ seminar for ladies only (the one for men is going to be soon after insha-Allah).

The seminar will focus on the position of marriage, relationships and family life in Islam. It is intended for those who are married and those looking to get married, and also for anybody else who wants to come along and learn about what Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said with regards to married life for a Muslim and Muslimah.

So please come along if you have the time, and bring anybody else who may be interested along with you. The program will be in English only and there will also be time for Q&A insha-Allah. Here are the full details:

Event: Marriage Matters – Where Islam and Marriage go Hand in Hand

Date: Saturday 7 June 2008

Time: 4pm – 5:30pm (1 hour seminar, 30 mins Q&A)

Speaker: Moulana Ilyas Dalal

Venue: Upstairs Hall in Zakaria Masjid, Dewsbury, WF12 9ND

See you there insha-Allah.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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14 Responses to “Marriage Matters – Ladies Seminar”

  1. i think that the men should attend as they should know about the rights of women in a marriage. Also so they know what the importance of women are and how they should be treated.

  2. Insha-Allah there will be one for the men as detailed in the post

  3. I think u need 2 giv people more than 3 days notice. In future I think u need to let people know 1 week in advance when organising seminers like the one above.

  4. I feel that our community does not provide adequate facilities in aiding the youth into marriage. Simply ’spreading the word’ via local aunties is not enough. I have seen in many communities brothers and sisters activly assisting their friends when it comes to finding a partner (through their partners friends). The local Imams are also involved. In the ‘Khadija (raziallahuanha)’ talk, we even learnt that there is no harm in a sisters family approaching a brothers family. Cultural differences need to be put aside, and I simply do not buy the argument of marrying within the same culture/caste, when our deen came to liberate us of this nationilistic pride. There r many taboos that need2be broken in our community. Comments?

  5. Will it be on the receiver?

  6. I’ve checked with the speaker on this and unfortunately it won’t be – all the more reason to come down!

  7. I agree with u there ‘Nafsul Mutman’inna’ but as always, subtletly should be key.
    The one thing you’ll find when youngsters get involved is that we don’t have the wisdom and subtleties of SOME of the elders.
    However, your comment about breaking down the barriers relating to caste, etc, are spot on – at the end of the day Islam came to remind humanity that regardless of where we come from, we are at the end of the day human beings created by Allah.

  8. All those who attend are requested to post their comments on here so we can take note for future talks.
    We had a few after the talk on Hazrat Khadija but more we have the better.

  9. It would’ve been good if it was on the receiver, as sometimes commitments at home don’t allow some of us ladies to go out, even if it is down the road to the Masjid. But I guess there are advantages aswell for not putting it on receiver. Allah knows best.
    Just one suggestion – someone mentioned more publicity for these talks in some other thread. Would it be too much to ask for flyers through the letterbox or something? They don’t have to be fancy coloured flyers, just something in black and white saying – there’s going to be a talk on “this” on “this day” kind of thing. Not asking for anything fancy like we get at election time. Anyways it’s Just a suggestion. Most of the time half the community don’t even know. Sometimes the men folk are not as willing to participate in such events so they don’t bother letting the women know.

  10. I hear what your saying Al-Humaira.
    We did actually hand our flyers to the kids in the local Masjids to take home, but letterbox drops will probably considered for future events.

  11. Jazakallah to all those who attended the event. It was a very succesfull event.
    Please can those who attended either post their comments on here or email them to much appreciated.

  12. It is a shame I could not attend as I have heard some excellent review’s from friend. I have a question and would greatly appreciate if Molana Shaib could help me.

    If two people accept in front of witnesses is the nikka complete i.e. an engagement where in front of the family the couple agree?

  13. MD – we haven’t forgot about your question.
    Insha-Allah we will have your answer by early next week.

  14. Thanks Sid, Hope to hear from you soon.

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