Higher State of Consciousness

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

I attended a very interesting discourse yesterday.

It centred around the meaning and explanation, the Tafsir, of Surah Nas’r of the Holy Qur’an.

Basically, the Revelation of this Surah was a prophecy from Allah that the Muslims were to gain victory over Mecca.

It was an historic occasion.

It was an occasion when the Prophet (PBUH) who had been banished from his home by his own people for spreading the Truth of Islam was now returning victorious, at the head of an army which was thousands strong and as the message of Islam was beginning to reverberate around the whole of Arabia.

It was an occasion when those who had been persecuted and thrown out of Mecca by their own kinsfolk were now returning as the victors, riding on horse back, and knowing that none could now persecute them.

It was an occasion for vengeance, an occasion for rightful, just retribution, for all the injustices the Muslims had suffered before.

And it is true, that if we look at other occasions in history, when the victors entered the conquered lands and enjoyed the spoils of war, we will see many occasions of revenge, whether just or not, and brutality and the same tyranny which had been meted out to the victors themselves previously.

But this was no ordinary leader, no ordinary victor, no soldier who coined a quick Latin phrase to herald his victory – no.

This was the victory of Muhammad (PBUH).  The homecoming of Muhammad (PBUH), the return of the Prophet of Allah (PBUH).

And so it was, that when he entered Mecca, there was no pompous celebration or unnecessary show of force.  When the Prophet (PBUH) entered Mecca, he entered with his head hung low out of humility and thanks to his Lord, and extolling the praises of Allah.

And what about his enemies?  What happened to those who had persecuted him and his followers previously?

Well the announcement was made that whoever entered the Ka’bah would find sanctuary, and whoever closed his own doors and stayed inside would find sanctuary and whoever sought refuge in the house of one of the greatest enemies of Islam at that time, Abu Sufyan (RA), then he would also find sanctuary!

What justice!  What humanity!  What a Prophet (PBUH)!

So this is the lesson of the Islamic state as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself.

That there will always be justice and fairness and humanity in Islam.  That Islam leads one to think about the morality of mankind as a matter of basic principle and that is why the human being who submits to the way of Islam will find himself to be a part of a higher state of consciousness.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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3 Responses to “Higher State of Consciousness”

  1. Thank you for this post. A lesson learned. Our Beloved Muhammad PBUH showed us on how to deal with everyone whether he is your close friend or someone who has harmed you. Forgiving for the sake of the Almighty is the best action that one can take.

  2. I was asked to make more comments on this blog but i think i speak for everyone wen i say that this article speaks for itself!It’s very important that we act upon the ways of the prophet (pbuh) and treat every human being respectfully. As a muslim brother once told me that ‘If you happen to see anyone on the street keep smiling no matter what and show the true spirit of islam!’ Our prophet (pbuh) said ‘The people of compassion, The most mercifull will shower his mercy upon them. Be mercifull to those on Earth and the one who is in heaven will be mercifull to you.’

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