Ansar Funday 2008

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Wow what a day!

I’ve only just finished, but then again, I skived off early and the Ansar Funday was still going on as I was typing this.

As I walked around the Birkdale High School field, the football tournament was still going on, drawing most of the gathered crowds.

In each of the corners of the field, were the archery, bouncy castle and junior horse riding, together with a climbing wall for youngsters and also a mini games tent where they had a Nintendo Wii hooked up.

There were other little stalls selling everything from sweets, Islamic books and ticket to the upcoming Junaid Jamshed show next week (check out the blog later on this week for further details).

However, by far the most busy and most popular was the Paradise Prep Food Tent, where your truly was helping out!

The queue started at 11:30 am and just didn’t stop!  It seems that the crowd loved munching on barbecued burgers and chicken and chips under the gorgeous Sunday afternoon sun, and by the time I skipped home early, my jabba (long Arabic robe) was a mess and somebody had spilt vegetable oil on my shoes!! But hey, it’s all good!

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) the whole event went beautifully and full credit to the boys at Ansar Organisation for setting up the whole thing.  May Allah accept all your efforts.

Ma’as-salaam – with Peace

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  1. Masha Allah the best thing was everybody enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

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