Junaid Jamshed Rolls into Town!

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Well he’s coming!

Yes folks, the effervescent Junaid Jamshed, star Naat singer is coming to Leeds Town Hall on Sunday 20 July as part of a fundraiser for the Paradise Prep School, Dewsbury.

From what I’ve heard, the Pakistan cricketers Inzamam-ul-Haq and Mohammed Yousuf will also be present together with other guest speakers.  As it is an Islamic event, I understand that the women will be seated up on the balcony with the men downstairs.

For all those interested, there’s still a few tickets left, so ya better hurry before they get snapped up.  Check out the poster below for full details.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace


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7 Responses to “Junaid Jamshed Rolls into Town!”

  1. Did any1 go?

    How was it………not heard any feedback yet…….

  2. My wife went and she says that she thoroughly enjoyed the ’show’.
    JJ himself was said to be in simple clothing and Qari Saeed Makda opened things up with some no doubt, beautiful Quranic recitation.

  3. In terms of figures did the school raise well?

  4. Salam and duas to all – I know this is a tad late – my introduction to this site has been long overdue and with apologies I move forward on a topic which at the time caused me some disquiet!

    Those who know me (steady Sid) will know I am a perfectionist and hey guess what I make no apology for it – You may say its a sign of arrogance and if it is then I hope it remains always within the bounds of Shariah and never becomes a source of causing hurt to anyone. What I am about to say is not intended to hurt anyone and if unwittingly it does, please forgive me.

    The paradise function was over-priced. All in a good cause you say and that’s a fair point. But good causes should not be seen as a licence to short change our islamic brethren. The venue booked was indeed glamorous and admittedly these things have to be paid for. But my real gripe was with JJ himself. Dont get me wrong he is a class act and I am a real fan. However on this occasion he was very far from being the consumate professional brother he strives to be. He arrived on stage clutching bits of paper which contained the lines of his nasheed hits. There was no structure at all to his performance. Everything was delivered ad-hoc and there were pauses as he muddled his way through his notes. His rendition was certainly enviromentally friendly and the same old stuff was recycled and nothing new was offered. A huge disappointment given the youth of his audience was his failure to offer even a single nasheed in English. Come on organisers what was all that about and for his clothing well what can I say – On a day his clothing brand J. was being launched to pole up in a faded & tired looking jubba which clearly hadnt seen an IRON for some time was a bit of an own goal to say the least. There I’ve got it off me chest – No seriously i dont mean to offend at all – there is a serious point to this rant and it is this – if we muslims do or organise something lets strive to do it properly and be the best at it – lets not use our good cause as an excuse for shoddy preparation and inept delivery and then seek to justify that by saying well islam is about simplicity after all isnt it – If we charge top whack prices (whatever the cause) lets give value for money hey!!!!

    Duas (and JJ I love U (as a bro!) really) ELyas.

  5. Thank you for your comments Mr Elyas. As ever they are quite provocative!!

    Just one thing though – being the perfectionist you are, I could not help but notice the slight slip you seem to have had on the word ‘consumate’ – I hope the following links clarifies all:



  6. I thought in view of JJ’s performance he didnt deserve two M’s in consummate – LOL any road I thought the whole point of your blog was to be provocative – within the bounds of shariah of course – alas you ducked the subject by picking up on a mere syntax error – never mind dua ma yaad

  7. Please, let us read more of these intellectual come backs!

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