The Man with the 86 Wives!

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

I couldn’t believe this when I read it – I just couldn’t!

86 wives!!

Yes, this is about the man in Nigeria who is married to 86 women – unbelievable isn’t it?!

So, the question begs to be asked – is that allowed?

And the answer to that is a resounding NO!

Islam permits a man to marry a maximum of 4 wives at any one time, however, the decision to marry more than once should not be taken lightly, oh no!

If that is the case, and a man marries more than once, then Islam places strict guidelines as to how he treats each of his wives.

Basically, there has to be equality.  If, for example, he gets something for one, then he must get it for the other(s).  Therefore, financially there has to be equality, materially there has to be equality and also in how he treats each one of them.

Because at the end of the day, a woman is not a piece of property or something to be enjoyed at one’s whim and fancy – no.

At the risk of stating an obvious truth, she is a human being and has rights to be fulfilled just as any other person, and if a man is married more than once, then he has to be careful that he fulfils the rights of each and every one properly.

That is why I say, that one is enough, and if you fulfil her rights properly it is a great indication of how much you value your wife.

More than one?  Well, sometimes, there are situations which prevail in a person’s life when that becomes a real possibility, and there are many marriages even in this modern world where the husband and wives lead happy, contented lives.

And for those who say that it is immoral, all I can do is point them in the direction of those ‘moral’ people who are cheating on their wives by having a mistress or resorting to prostitutes for sex (may Allah protect us).  When that happens, the West is happy to turn a blind eye, but when Islam legitimises it and brings it under a controlled system where everyone concerned is aware, it is known as bigamy – isn’t that fair?!

So, going back to Mr Mohammed Bello Abubakar, it’s a definite no-no.  Islam says 4 – not 86, no matter what the ‘order’ may be.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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5 Responses to “The Man with the 86 Wives!”

  1. I’ve read this nigerian mans story n I think its a whole lod of bull!

  2. very much so i agree bb, i burst out laughing – prob got a stash of viagra too with 150 kids

  3. just the idea of him sleeping around with all these 86 women makes me sick! I mean have u seen the state of him! Its disgusting!

  4. Again i feel its more culture than relgion.
    Me included we have so much culture engrossed in our relgion, its very very bad.

  5. Oh T!! Don’t get me started about how our culture has encroached upon, and in some places become, our religion!!

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