Weekend Update

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Just to let you know that the programs last weekend went really well alhumdulillah.

Moulana Ilyas did such an interesting Zakat Seminar in Masjid-e-Hidayah that we’ve asked him to do it again this coming Sunday for those who missed it at Zakaria Masjid.

And on Sunday, Moulana Maseeullah did a practical demonstration on how to pray Salaah which I understand was really informative and beneficial for all those who attended.

For a full breakdown of the programs at Masjid-e-Hidayah and a chance to download the slides on the Zakaat seminar, check out the Masjid-e-Hidayah website at www.masjidhidayah.co.uk

Here are the details for the program on Sunday in Masjid-e-Zakaria:

Date: Sunday 14 September 2008

Time: After Zuhr prayer – Zuhr at 1:30pm

Event: Zakat Seminar by Moulana Ilyas Dalal

Location: Masjid-e-Zakaria, Chapel Street, Savile Town, Dewsbury

Other Details: The powerpoint presentation will be in English and sisters can listen over the receiver.  If you have any questions you want to put to Moulana, please e-mail us at hidayahblog@gmail.com or call 07792 722 798.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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2 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Molana will also be there on the Sunday 14th after Asar (6:15pm) for questions and answers.
    This was very good and all of the people who attended have requested more of these seminars.
    So any questions can be sent by email to hidayahblog@gmail.com

  2. That seminar was excellent. More please.

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