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Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) as the wonderful month of Ramadhaan is rolling along and as our alms giving increases day by day, here is a message and an update from the brothers at Masjid-e-Hidayah.

Please have a read and give what you can.  May our Lord accept all our contributions, no matter how big or small:

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Thank you for your continued support of Masjid Hidayah, Caledonian Road, Dewsbury.

Masha-Allah through the grace of Allah and your efforts, donations and duas we have managed to build a masjid for £425, 000 in the space of one year. Not only do we have a fantastic building (see photos on our website) but it is occupied with local brothers who are busy in Aamal (good deeds) be it in the form of Salat, Zikr, Dua and Efforts of Deen.

Over the last couple of years many  scholars have come to our Masjid to deliver talks for brothers as well as sisters (on the receiver or in facilities upstairs). We also have a Disability Group reaching out to  Muslims  with  disabilities and exploring how they  can best learn about Islam and attend the Masjid.

If you care to browse our website you can also listen to various programs we have had over the year including our very popular Ramadhan Children’s program. This is where local children recite nazams and quran for the benefit of listeners on the receiver. Our children have raised £15,000 for the masjid this way.

Our website now has an Ask Imam page where brothers and sisters can get authentic and accurate information about Islam and have their questions answered by our Imam Saheb and local scholars.

All this takes time, effort and duas. We cannot succeed without the grace and favour of Allah. We still have £85,000 (qarze hasanah) outstanding which needs to be repaid.

Today we launch  our annual Ramadhan appeal for you to give just £10 to our Masjid. This is a small amount to invest in your Akhirat (Hereafter) and in a project which will reap benefits in this world.

Just £10 to get a share in all the reward of all the Aamal of the masjid including:

  • 75 people  performing 72 sajdahs in Isha and Taraweeh every day.
  • 30 children reciting quran daily
  • 2 people sitting in Itikaaf in the last ten days of Ramadhan
  • Countless bayans taking place
  • Thousands of pounds being raised for charity in Ramadhan

We hope you will support us in our worthy cause. You can give money for yourself, your parents and even for the love of our dear Prophet (PBUH).

You can donate online and in many other ways outlined on our website

Over the years we have managed to raised well over a thousand pounds using this e mail. We have received donations from all over the country including Leicester, Oldham, London, Glasgow and Dublin.

May Allah bless you and reward you (ameen)


Your Brothers from Masjid Hidayah, Dewsbury

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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4 Responses to “Masjid-e-Hidayah Update”

  1. So far in the last 16 days of Ramadhan we have managed to raise £13,000 approx to date, so we are hoping for a good push to get a minimum of £34000 for ramadhan.
    So please dig deep and ask pass this on to all your friends and family.

  2. mashallah, may Allah SWT accept all our efforts for this worthy cause. We had a fantastic response from Batley Noor ul islam (snowden street) yesterday were the total pledges was £1600. May Allah SWT accept the people of batley ameen

  3. Brothers and Sisters

    As brother tossef has mentioned we held a nazam program with an invited group (Mi Al Qalb) at Snowdon Street Masjid in aid of fundraising for Masjid Hidayah Dewsbury

    By the grace of Allah we raised £1700 in one night. Many thanks to all those who contributed and to Snowdon Street Brothers (esp A Badat) for allowing us use of their facilities.

    We have had many requests for a repeat and also a CD. We are working on both.

    In the meantime, you can listen on our website to a performance the nazam group (Min Al Qalb) gave a couple of years ago at our masjid.

    So for those who missed it – enjoy

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