The End of Tafsir at Zakaria Masjid – The End of an Era

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

They say that all good things must come to an end…

Well on Saturday 28th September 2008 at Zakaria Masjid in Dewsbury, something great did indeed come to an end.

Yes, on Saturday night, we were blessed by Allah to experience the last instalment of the Tafsir (explanation, exegesis) of the Holy Qur’an done by Sheikh Yakub Qasmi.

It was a momentous occasion which was the culmination of 14 years of hard effort by the venerable Sheikh. And as usual it was a Tafsir which was fit for the occasion, delivered with the honesty, integrity, deep knowledge and wisdom which has become the trademark of Moulana saheb’s Tafsirs.

For the people, for us who have been listening to this – some for 2 years, some for 10 years, even some who have been here from the start – for us it was the end of something, you could even say, the end of an era.

In my very limited lifespan and knowledge, never before have I heard anyone give such a down-to-earth explanation of the high ideals set by Allah in His Book in such an easy to understand, practical manner. It bears testimony to Moulana’s knowledge and understanding of not only the Qur’an, but of life on this earth in general, that he was able to take so many points and put it in such a perspective, that all of us could relate to and take away with us each time we left one of his Tafsir sessions.

We will miss the way he recited Ta’awwuz at the beginning in his unique recitation style. We will miss the way he would recall a certain point from a certain book by a certain author consisting of x number of pages! Indeed, we will miss the way in which he recalled sayings, absolutely word to word, from the late Sheikh Yusuf Khandlavi (RA), and we will surely miss the way he ended each session in humility by re-affirming that it is only Allah alone who has All-Knowledge and is All-Wise.

So it is with a truly poignant feeling in my heart that I give my own personal thanks to the Moulana – without saying too much, only Allah knows how much of an impact the Tafsir of the Qur’an has had on my life.

But it is with a feeling of elation that I attempt to thank my Lord, Allah. For it is He who has given us His Book which will remain upon this earth until the Last Day.

It is this Book, which has not only changed my life, but transformed the whole of humanity. This is the Book, which when recited, can fill up the deepest, darkest voids and can illumine the darkest of hearts and make them shine with brilliance.

This is the Book, when recited in the dark nights of Arabia, commanded the presence of Angels who ventured down to listen. And again, when it was recited by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH), even drew the idolators of Mecca to come and secretly listen to it at night. Even during the day, when they professed their opposition to the peaceful religion of Islam, when the verses of my Lord entered their ears they were brought to prostration as a knee-jerk reaction.

This is because the Qur’an is the Book of the hearts – affecting the hearts and memorised and stored in the hearts. It always has, always will and will always continue to capture the hearts and minds of mankind – whether Muslim or non-Muslim – its Truth will always serve as a beacon of light for the true Believer and Seeker of Truth.

So may Allah keep our hearts alive with the radiance of the Qur’an, and as has been explained with such dexterity and clarity by Sheikh Yakub Qasmi, may Allah give us the Taufiq (Divine aid) to bring it practically into our lives so that we may prosper in both this world and the Akhirah (Hereafter).

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace


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6 Responses to “The End of Tafsir at Zakaria Masjid – The End of an Era”

  1. Salams and Duas to 1 and all and to Sid ofcourse too.

    May allah be pleased with the learned scholar. Verily only Allah Almighty can truly reward someone who has spent his entire life spreading and teaching the blessed word of allah as set out in the Holy Quran and practically illustrated by his beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW.

    So it is Allah we beseech when we give thanks & pray for those like Sheikh Yakub who have devoted themselves for this noble cause.

    I know Sid has had in recent times the ear of the blessed Sheikh. Does he know something we dont! The Course of Tafseer may have been completed but surely the 14 year cycle can and should resume again from the beginning. I do not think that the end of the tafseer cycle should be marked as some sort of obituary. Like the recitation of the quran tafseer of the quran should never end or cease. No sooner we reach the last page we are instructed to start again from the first page.

    So I for 1 will pray to Allah Almighty that his mercy and protection continually enshroud the learned sheikh, that he may enjoy continuous good health and well being so that he can serve the needy ummah for another 14 years and more, inshallah and AMEEN.

    Here’s to Tafseer starting again ASAP

    Allahafez Elyas.

  2. Wa-alaykum salaam Mr Elyas – how good of you to finally grace our blog with your ever eloquent presence!

    As always I am in complete agreement with u in that I would be thrilled to know that the Sheikh will re-commence his Tafsir and carry on illuminating our humble little town with the radiance of the Qur’an.

    However, I also have another suggestion…

    Those who sat in those lectures delivered by Moulana will know with what passion he spoke about the Sahaba (Companions) of the Prophet (PBUH). One could not help but feel awed at the way he painted their lives – making them seem the amazing human beings that they were and not mere characters contained within the pages of books.

    That is why I would be also put forward that he starts a similar ‘Tafsir’ of the seminal work of the late Sheikh Yusuf Khandlavi (RA), ‘Hayatus Sahaba’ (Lives of the Companions).

    Our great Prophet (PBUH) once said, ‘My Sahaba are like guiding stars – whichever one you follow, you will reach your destination’ – Just think how much we could all benefit if we were treated to an in-depth, pragmatic and easy-to-understand explanation of the lives of these great men and women…

    So that’s my suggestion, insha-Allah I hope to request Moulana saheb and see what his thoughts on the matter are.


  3. Yes I do not disagree – that would be well received – like you I am keen not to send the learned sheikh to the annals of history just yet! – whatever he does he will do it with his usual spiritual gusto so request away with my blessing – and less of the Mr Elyas pls – its just plain Elyas aka Sinner – duas

  4. Once bitten and twice twisted that I am!! on the topic of syntax errors from the JJ rant – i couldnt resist noticing sid a few delberate errors from u above “…that is why i would also be put forward that he starts …” that my dear young bro does not make sense – oh how I love chickens coming home to roost!! – thank u oh allah vengeance is alas always sweet – Just teasing sid, Keep bloging loving your work – allahafez Elyas

  5. Brother Elyas , Sid thinks he can spell but the poor sod cant even use a spell checker , ONLY JOKING!!.

    Inshallah what ever the great sheikh decides will be chosen with hikmat.

  6. Dear Bro T, it seems Sid is not the only one who cannot spell!! – I assume you meant to write Sid “S I D” but in error spelt it as “S O D – sod” instead – tut tut brother T, our heavenly brother SID is certainly not 1 of them. So please next time (and I know you were only joking but) MIND YOUR LANGUAGE!!!! let none of us forget we are an islamic blog after all – Allahhafez – Elyas

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