Personal ‘Deen’ Review

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

This time of year at work people are trying to make sure that all their personal development plans have been completed or updated…

Yeah, we all know what it’s like when the boss asks annoying questions, but we all know that the purpose is that we improve – so let’s apply this concept of PDP to our religion now and ask ourselves how much are we improving as Muslims – as human beings?

This Ramadhaan many of us will have completed a number of completions of the Qur’an, many will have been striving to improve their connection with Allah, but as well as increasing in our worship, did we step back and analyse the role of religion in our lives as a whole?

So maybe we can use the month of Ramadhaan we just had as a sort of indicator, or Personal ‘Religion’ Development Plan, and assess the good, the bad and the not quite so good aspects of our life on this earth as Muslims and how we can improve.

Yes during Ramadhaan we all felt good.  Our spirituality was high because of the fasting, worshipping seemed like the most natural thing to do, and all in all we obedient to Allah, our Creator.

But now that the month of Ramadhaan is over, the void created by its absence is so clear – it’s as if our spirituality has been sapped out of us!  Clearly we need to keep up the good deeds that we do.

That is why if we keep on ‘reviewing’ ourselves outside of Ramadhaan as well as in Ramadhaan, insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah) we will keep the spirit of Ramadhaan alive in our hearts throughout the year.

Small things like this can help make such a big difference. We all know a good PDP review at work means a pay rise but a good Personal ‘Deen’ Review will mean so much more…

Peace of mind, peace of heart and knowing that Allah is happy with you, and not to mention bigger and better rewards in the Akhirah (Hereafter) as promised by Allah.

So may Allah give me and all the opportunity to spend the health, wealth and time He has given in the way that pleases Him the most.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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4 Responses to “Personal ‘Deen’ Review”

  1. Salams and may allah be pleased with brother T for inviting us to reflect so – it brings me back to the words of a brother who one taraweeh night as Eid approached addressed the assembled congregation and spoke of the challenge of Ramadhan being whether we could take on and build upon our ramadhan “ALLAHI” Observances and carry them on during the rest of the year.

    In many ways obeying Allah and trying to excel in good deeds comes easy in the month of ramadhan. Besides the shayateen are shackled are they not during the blessed month! So the arrival of Eid marks not only their release but usually (May allah forgive the sinner that is me, ameen) marks a marked decline in our own religios observance and adherence. I often wonder why do we become so – are we really just part timers! – Muslims when it suits or Islam for our suit?? Active in Ramadhan but active only in sin and disobedience outside of it –

    So I echo the words of Brother T and remind myself and my Islamic brethren that let us all remember ISLAM IS FOR LIFE – NOT JUST RAMADHAN, ameen.

    Allahafez Elyas.

  2. Oops the second one is without the typos, sorry – T/ Sid can you delete the first one please – duas elyas

  3. my personal one for this year is to be a good dad – when my baby arrives :)
    but to also to try and pray most of salahs with jamat.

  4. Come on Hidayah blog! What’s taking so long with the articles!

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