150 Not Out!

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) this is our 150th post!  Which means that by the Grace of Allah we are still going strong and definitely owe a lot to our readers (for reading !!) and passing on the message.

When we set up Hidayah Blog our aim was to present Islam in a different, more positive light.  We wanted to show to people what it is about Islam which makes us so passionate not only about our religion but also in living life as a British Muslim in the 21st century.

Obviously due to my sins and lack of effort we are a long way off from achieving that goal and the ultimate objective of drawing people towards Islam, but I think that the articles that have been written by myself and my co-authors have not only been unique and modern but quite in keeping with the spirit of Islam.

That is why I now present to you a small collection of mine and our readers’ favourites…

We wanted to show everybody how the Muslims had forgotted the true value of Islam and its real pricelessness in this world.  So in our inaugural post we emphasised just that with the help of some Diamonds and Lollipops.

Islam is all about the unity and equality within mankind.  In United We Stand we explored what Islam says about humanity and who is really the best in the sight of Allah.

And where would Islam be without the man who is the fountain-head of all that is good and right upon this earth?  How can Islam rise above the rest without the beautiful manners, the Akhlaq-e-Nabawi, of the great Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH)?

And after the Prophet (PBUH) stand the greatest celebrities of Islam who incurred every sacrifice and took every pain to ensure that the religion of Islam we practise today is the same pristine way of life practised by Muhammad (PBUH).  They were the Men and Women of Medina – the Vanguard of Islam.

Islam is all about each individual and his or her connection with Allah.  That’s why in Heart & Soul we stressed how important and necessary it was to establish and maintain that connection.  It’s also about connecting with the right people, i.e. getting married to the right person in the right way and not the Asian Way, and that’s why we felt so strongly about tackling the Asian cultural issue of forced marriages and separating it from the common sense approach of Islam.

Anyway, those were just a few of our favourite posts to read over and reflect on again.  As the discerning reader will see, there is no way of life quite as diverse yet still true to its origins as the way of life of Islam.

And so at Hidayah Blog, we aim to show this diversity, this reality – no, this beauty of Islam.  We aim to show why for centuries past and for centuries to come, until the Last Day, the way of life of the unlettered Prophet (PBUH) will continue to draw the True Believer and bring him or her towards the One, True Allah.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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6 Responses to “150 Not Out!”

  1. Salam and duas may allah reward you all (Sid and Co – whoever you may be!)for your contributions and may he enable the rest of us to bring into practice what has been written about hitherto and what will be written about in the future inshallah. 150 is a worthy milestone and worthy of being marked as well. That said we musn’t lose sight of “living Islam!” – words of course only spread words -
    what we require amongst our islamic brethren is to live islam and provide a practical illustration to the rest of humanity of what muslims can and should be. Islam is misunderstood not because there is a lack of information on islam but because we muslims talk a big game but rarely “pray” (not play!! – we seem to do a lot of that!!) it –

    so lets talk the talk but not forget or lax in walking the walk as well – so here’s to another 150 posts that we all aspire to bring into our everyday existence so that the rest of the world can see in us the true peace love devotion and humanity that islam is and muslims should be, Ameen –


  2. salamz
    mashallah all of you are doing a good job keep it up please dont use nick names like sid or ish it spoils the muslim names jazakallah for al ur effort may alla h rewared in this world and in the akhirat ameen suma ameen look foward to al your emails
    p.s. i use to leave on st marys pl iv now moved to india when i read ur articles i think im still in dewsbury
    salmz n humble duas
    mhd dedat

  3. Dearest Brother Muhammed – nice to hear from you – I pray to allah that all is well with you and yours – It is always sad to lose one of Dewsbury’s finest to another place but our loss is India’s gain – May allah shower you with his choicest blessings – Dua Ma Yaad Allahafez Elyas

  4. Salaam Muhammad!

    I’m sure u thought that u had left Dewsbury behind for good when u left for India but now u can just log on and find that you’re still here (in spirit if not in body!)

    I thoroughly agree with u and from now on put my full name down as my post author identity – jazakallah for your input and keep us posted on happenings in India.

  5. Salaam Muhammad!
    You may have left Dewsbury but you are not forgotten for your kindness and piety and not to forget your services at Masjid-e-Umar! Remember me in your duaas.

    p.s. Keep up the batting Sid & co.

  6. I should have discovered this great discussion long time ago. Many thanks!

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