Change is what we Need

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

We have a new black president and as we all know his motto was “change is what we need”. Personally congratulations to him, it shows what a person can acheive if he / she is determined to reach their goal.  But why do we as human beings always say that if you are different then you will struggle to compete in life?  If you are black then you will struggle to be accepted, keep a beard you will struggle to be accepted – but will you?

Yes I agree that Racism is very much true and I am not living in a ‘cuckoo land’ where all is hunky dory, but the point I am trying to make is too many times we give up and put Racism as an excuse for not acheiving our goal.

Personally, I think that if you are determined enough and work hard enough and pray to Allah to help you then you will Insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah)  will reach your goal.

Today it is not will power we lack to achieve our goal, no, but true and correct faith in Allah.  Today we go in all guns blazing that we want to change the world but have we even sat down prayed and asked Allah  for His help, for His guidance?  That is what our dear Prophet (PBUH) taught us – make the intention and make the effort to achieve it but don’t forget to ask for help and guidance.

Furthermore, have we ever sat down and thought that maybe we didn’t get such and such a thing because it wasn’t destined for us?

You see as Muslims, we belive in destiny, but only when we acheive something.  For some reason, destiny is out of the window when we fail and race and relgion comes in.

We need to sit down and think who we are.

We are the servants of Allah, we follow His commands as shown to us by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and what was his way when times were hard? It was to pray and ask and then make a wholehearted effort to achieve it.

So next time if it does not go your way, just remind yourself that maybe it was not destined for you.

And as President-Elect Obama said, “change is what we need”- yes change, in the way we percieve our life and how we go about it.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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3 Responses to “Change is what we Need”

  1. Yes, but when will see a change? As 2pac said, ‘I see no changes. I wake up in the morning and I ask myself, is life worth living should I blast myself?’. RIP 2PAC

  2. barak obamo prob heard and thought that a million times – now see where he is :)

  3. I’m not going to dismiss “2-pac’s” saying because the majority of us will feel like that at some time in our life. But we got to pick ourselves up from such negative thoughts.
    Didn’t Martin Luther king say, “i have a dream that one day my people will not be judged for the colour of their skin……….” well something along them lines.
    Today we have it – a black president of the United States.
    Another lesson president Obama teachers us, Never give up! he tried for various different titles within the govournment for 15 years but never once got elected! 15 years later he not only got elected a position, but he got elected to be the president!

    Nabi SAW never gave up! He was tortured at the hands of the kufaar of Taif, did he, SAW give up? nope! what did he do when Jibraeel AS asked him by the command of Allah, what punishment he would like for these people? If the Nabi of Allah, SAW, wanted he could’ve had the mountains crush these people to death.
    Instead what did he do? He, SAW made dua for them!

    We’re always so quick to react. So quick to point fingers. So quick to slander. and the list goes on..

    How can we change the world when we’re having difficulty changing ourselves?!

    Let us take the example of the best of mankind and reflect.

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