It Doesn’t Matter if you’re Black or White

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Whether we like it or not, as long as human beings continue to be human beings, we will always have to deal with unjust human prejudices like racism.

It is something which I think is a particularly selfish evil.

I say selfish because I wonder what gives anybody the right to think that they are better than anybody else simply based on the colour of their skin or ethnicity?

There are some people who will automatically hate you due to the colour of your skin, or because you are from a certain part of the world.  And that’s it – only for that reason.

Neither have they met those whom they hate, nor have they taken the trouble to find out what that person is like, as soon as they find out that you are white/black/Indian/Pakistani/English/Muslim/Christian (and the list goes on), they automatically build up a certain picture of you in their hearts without you even having said a word.

Now that is not right.

Allah has created us in different colours and brought us from different parts of the world so that we may recognise each other and understand the diversity of the Creation of Allah.

It is conduct unbefitting a human being to hate or have prejudices against another human being for no other reason other than the fact that he or she looks differently to me – where is the humanity in that?

Yes I am referring to a certain list being publicised on the Internet recently but I am also referring to my own recent experiences with young, apparently educated, Muslim people.

As a Muslim, I say that we should be setting the example, we should be leading the way.

Whilst the rest of the world is trying to extoll the virtues of its own people, the Muslims should be uniting everybody and reminding that all human beings are valuable in the eyes of Allah.

And we should continuously be reminding each other that we are who we are because of the Mercy of our Creator, and that those who are the best of mankind are not those from a certain part of the world, rather they will be those who enjoin the good, forbid the evil and promote peace and unity within the family of mankind.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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8 Responses to “It Doesn’t Matter if you’re Black or White”

  1. I have to say I totally agree with you Siddique, its such a shame we as humans forget who we are and where we’ve cme from, who are we to judge other people? black or white, tall or short, fat or skinny- truth is non of us have the right to pass judgements on others. Lets take this and really practise being not just good muslims but good humans and follow the path our creator has set out for us.

  2. Jazakallah for your comment Tahera – I think it all comes from within, i.e. the more attached we are to Allah personally, then the more we will overlook each other’s discrepancies and prejudices we have against one another.
    But let’s go out and try and do it and see what examples we can be for oursleves, for those we love and for the whole world.

  3. Salams and duas to one and all, those who know me will know that this is a topic close to my heart – There is nothing more inherently wrong or totally incompatible with being a muslim than “RACISM” – racism in all its forms is the anithesis of everything that is islam and muslim and it is rightly to be condemned & abhored.

    But we muslims before we look elsewhere and cast aspertions in different directions need to set our own house in order –

    It should be a source of great shame for all of us that Even in 2008 enmity based upon indian sub continent racial & cultural differences is still rampant in our saviletonian society!

    When will we we rid ourselves of this scurge? Unless we do how will we ever unite as a people? How will others ever take us as a group seriously? If we still divide ourselves upon the geographical divides of the subcontinent (gujerati, pakistani, bangali,baruchi, soorti, punjabi, pathani etc!!!) how can we ever become good human beings let alone good muslims!!

    So come on you all, let us make a stand – Say no to RACISM in all its forms & say to our so called elders “NOT IN OUR NAME”!!!!

    Your ever sinful brother ELYAS.

  4. Oh brother Elyas, how right you are!
    You have touched upon one of the most frequently brushed aside topics in our ’saviletonian’ society!

    I have seen with my own eyes, continued and disgraceful examples of this cultural racism and that is why I agree with u and wonder how can we ever progress in our thinking as a people, as a united society.

    We talk about changes, but we need to break down the walls in our hearts first. That is not to say that I am perfect – oh no! But it is only after we make some sort of intention to improve oursleves that Allah will make us the means of improvement for others.

  5. In the light of the appalling events unfolding in mumbai, perhaps bro siddique’s piece should be renamed “it doesn’t matter what faith you are” … because murderous terrorists have no religion and their indiscriminate targeting of innocent victims always includes people of all faith and non faith communities.

    Lets make no bones about it – whoever, however and where-ever takes the life of innocent human beings, maims and injures countless others and visits woe, misery & endless grief upon hundreds more are murdering lunatics who deserve our collective condemnation.

    Inshallah the full wrath of almighty allah will await such cowardly individuals.

    So I for one and I am sure all at hidayah blog condemn in the strongest possible terms what is going on in mumbai & indeed elsewhere.

    We cannot of course heal sadly the pain and loss of those affected but we can certainly pray for them and those similarly suffering the world over – and hope that their anguish is eased, their loved ones still unaccounted for are restored to them and peace once again descends on all everywhere – AMEEN.

  6. What can I say brother Elyas?

    It goes without a shadow of doubt that we here at Hidayahblog strongly condemn those evil attacks in Mumbai as well those anywhere else in the world.

    Let alone religion, there is no room in HUMANITY for anything of the sort. There is simply no excuse for the murder of innocent human beings anywhere.

  7. There is no place anywhere for the events that unfolded in Mumbai and indeed elsewhere over the recent years. The people who carry out such acts are cowards and have no creed.

    I join brother Elyas and in condemning in the strongest possible terms what went on in Mumbai & indeed elsewhere.

    I pray with the help of Allah, all this pain and suffering ends and that we can all live united whatever race or creed. AMEEN

    Brother Siddique keep up the good work…

  8. I also agree totally to the above comments. We may not be able to reach out our hands and comfort those people who have lost everything but our good actions in ‘Merry old England’ can change the thoughts of many people who think this is an act of Islam and our DUA’S can also reach the hearts of the people affected whether it may be a muslim, christian, hindu or a jew.

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