The Hajj – Pillar of Islam

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

As most people will know, the Hajj is the Muslim holy pilgrimage.

In the past, due to the distances involved and people’s finances at the time, it used to be known as ‘the journey of a lifetime’ but now, due to our technological advances and people being generally wealthier, it is quite possible, that Muslims will go and do the Hajj more than once.

For a Muslim, as soon as he or she has the monetary means to do so, it becomes obligatory.  Indeed it is obligatory only once in a person’s lifetime, and any subsequent pilgrimages are counted as Nafl (optional).

I am no learned scholar but from what I have read and heard in talks about Hajj, it seems the acts which one performs – the rites of Hajj – apart from being the physical acts that they are, also carry a huge message of symbolism from Allah.

For example, the taking off of all clothes and wearing nothing but the Ihram (2 simple pieces of non-stitched, white material) signifies that the Muslim is now taking off all the worldly ties which may interefere in the relationship with his Lord and is putting on something simple and identical to all the other Hajjees (pilgrims) so that there is no distinction of class or wealth.

And the act of Tawaaf (circumambulating around the Ka’ba) is also an act of devotion.  An act which shows the devotion of the lover repeatedly walking around the house of the Beloved in the hope that one of his prayers and entreaties may be accepted.

We then move on to the stoning of the obelisks of stone which signify the occasions that the Devil tried to deviate the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be Upon him).  This is yet another example for the Believer that during the trials and tribulations of this world, the Devil will come to us just as he came to the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and try to deviate us from the straight path.  It’s at those times we have to remain steadfast against his onslaught.

Yet again, when on the day of Eid, the Hajjees cut their hair and offer the sacrifice just as the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) did, the Almighty states in the Qur’an, that it is not the blood of the sacrifice which reaches Allah, rather it is your Taqwa (piety).

It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allâh, but it is piety from you that reaches Him.. [Surah Hajj (22) verse 37]

So Hajj is all about symbolism and emulation – that each of the days and rites of Hajj symbolise various aspects of a person’s life and that in doing the things that the Prophets (PBUH) did on those days, especially Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we gain a proximity and nearness to Allah, our Creator, which was eluding us all before.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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7 Responses to “The Hajj – Pillar of Islam”

  1. Hajj is by far the most beautiful journey a muslim can ever undertake in their lives!

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Just thought i’de write a little bit about Hajj. Some people have already booked their holidays from work for next year and have written their names down to go with particular groups. Some people are still considering going. Wheras some people won’t decide until the last minute.
    So What is Hajj? A pillar of Islam. An obligation upon every muslim who has the means to go. (which i won’t go in to atm)
    So some people go because it is an obligation, and come back thinking… aaahh now that’s a relief my fardh is done… Now i don’t have to worry about Hajj for the rest of my life. I have to admit i didn’t see this attitude from anyone I met in Hajj, but I was told it does exist amongst a few, and it is an attitude every Haaji has to stay away from.

    Some people come back from Hajj changed people, and I was told, “you know your Hajj is accepted when you go back to your daily life a changed person…….”
    Everyone makes intention to change, better themselves when they go back to their daily routine, but is it just an intention we make whilst we experience the ecstacy of our creater, Allah SWT’s love in the most sacred of lands? And then come back to go back to the same old habits and routine?
    inshaAllah Not!

    I’ve been asked a gazillion or more times since I got back, “how was Hajj?” I tell you, all the 5 days of Hajj were the very best 5 days of my life!! I don’t think it’s possible to describe how Hajj went, you have to experience it.
    The feeling of inner peace is just too overwhelming.

    Before you go for Hajj, people will advise you to have loads of sabr (patience) when your there, ‘coz the toilets r dirty…. planes will be delayed… coaches won’t come on time…. you’ll hav to bare the heat….. etc etc…’ people will say all sorts…
    im telling u, don’t worry about none of that before you go for Hajj, none of that will inshaAllah matter to you when you realise – how lucky you are to be the be the visitor of Allah at His house!
    We got lost going back from Makkah to Mina, walking for 4-5 hours before we came to our tent. But SubhanAllah even that was an Amazing experience!

    Something that really touched me was, when the Arab ladies that do ta’leem in Masjide Nabwi (SAW) said, “you are all the visitors of Allah SWT, when your coaches fill up to go back to your countries, my heart breaks and my tears fall. It breaks my heart to see the special guests of Allah going. You are here today, not because you are rich, not because of your intellect, not for any other reason but because Allah SWT chose you to be here.”

    I advise you all, make an intention to go as soon as you have the means to go.

    I would go back to any part of our time there…even the part where we had to wait at jeddah airport for hours on end, or the part we got lost…
    I wish i could go back to any part of our journey. It really was Awesome.
    Don’t let anyone evr put you off!

    Alhamdulillah it now seems as though it was a beautiful dream, the most beautiful dream anyone could ever dream!
    May Allah SWT accept it from me, my fam and all those who have performed Hajj already.

    inshaAllah next year again!

  3. sorry about long post.

  4. Subhanallah (Allah is Pure) what a lovely comment!!

    This is what everybody should be saying after they come back from the House of Allah!

    May Allah accept your Hajj and take you there again and again – I have made intention to go this year, so make Dua that Allah accepts it.

    What long post? I loved reading it!


  5. Aameen, Summah Aameen to the dua!! InshaAllah, Allah SWT will accept your intention!!!!

    Have you been for Umrah?

  6. I went over 10 years ago – so it’s high time for me to go there again I think!!

  7. Yeah it is! “It’s a high time” for me to go again too and I only got back couple or so weeks ago.

    Where else in the world can you experience ~4million people walking in the streets towards Allah SWT’s house 24 hours a day… there’s no day or night in Makkah, esp at the time of Hajj! You wake up at 2am, 4am…6am or 10am… it makes no difference to the public outside of your hotel window.. you’ll see people marching towards Allah’s house at all hours of the day….

    You’ll absolutely love it inshaAllah!
    I’ve been for Umrah a few times.. Alhamdulillah.. but it’s soo soo different to Umrah!! You’ll see inshaAllah! :)
    Keep smiling!

    Remember me in your duas inshaAllah.
    (esp when your there – i’m already asking you almost a year in advance)

    My advice to anyone going on this magneficient journey: take advantage of and enjoy every moment!

    I could go and on but i’ll stop.
    I havn’t even mentioned Mina, the feelings on the day of Arafaat – SubhanAllah – day of Arafaat is… aah words can’t explain… or the BEAUTIFUL night in Muzdalifa – sleeping under the sky – with the sight of the beautiful moon..
    oh i could really go on and on…

    you will lovee it soo sooo much inshaAllah.

    fi amanAllah!

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