New Year 2009

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

As soon as the clock will strike 12 o’ clock on Wednesday 31st Decemeber , people all over the globe will be seen hugging and wishing each one a happy new year. As we all know there is the Sydney fireworks over the opera house and then all over the world, all night parties will get the go ahead.

However, the concept of a new year in Islam is completely different. As soon as the sun will set on the 27th December – 29th Dhul Hijjah 1429AH, Muslims all over the world will celebrate the start of the Islamic year 1430AH.

As Muslims we do not celebrate the beginning of the new year, but we do acknowledge the passing of time, and one should take the time to reflect on our own mistakes and make the intention to not to make these and correct them for them for the new year.

Muslims calculate the new year from the year of the Hijrah, the year in which the Prophet (PBUH) emigrated from Makkah to Madinah. This even is seen as the turning point of the history of Islam. From here the Prophet (PBUH) was able to establish the foundation for the spread of Islam across the globe.

Commemoration of the Prophet (PBUH) helped reinforce the importance for Muslims of Islam’s unification with civil and political authority.

It is because of this great change that The Great Umar RA chose this point to mark the beginning of the Islamic calendar. It is also important to note that there were other dates such as the Prophet (PBUH)’s birthday, the revelation of the Qur’an, but he chose this dae, hence the Islamic calendar has AH at the end of it – After Hijrah.

But as Muslims we believe that all our good deeds and bad deeds have a direct impact on our lives both in this world and in the next, so let us take this time to reflect on our year and say alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) on all our good deeds, and may Allah accept them all, and to repent on our bad deeds and make the intention to put them right for the new year.

Ma’as salaam – With Peace

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