The Difference between 200,000 and 50,000

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Well I know that you’re reading the title right now and thinking, ‘that’s easy, it’s 150,000′ but I must inform you that simple subtraction is not the main reason behind my title…..

You see, I was one of the lucky ones who attended the march in London over the weekend in protest to the injustices currently being meted out by Israeli forces to innocent Palestinian civilians.

At 1:30pm the announcement was made by the organisers that the crowd total was approaching 100,000.  By approximately 4:30pm, at the end of the march right after the closing speeches, the organisers confirmed that the total had reached 200,000 people.

So it was with great amusement that I read a BBC news article e-mailed to me by a friend the very same day that there had only been 50,000 people!

So now you understand the reason for my title and another example of the use of the media to downplay something beneficial to the Palestinian cause.

Anyway, the protest itself was really good alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) and it was inspiring to see people of all ages, races, religions and creeds standing up together and making their voice heard in protest to the injustices of the Israelis, the cowardly silence of the International diplomatic community and the reckless mis-reporting of the world media.

One thing, however, is that today, the media reporting of the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza has already decreased and I am worried that this may impact upon the people of the world in lowering their voices.

Please remember that just because the media does not bring us news from Gaza does not mean that there is none to report.

We as human beings have to stay alert regarding this issue and continue to show our support for the victims on both sides of the border.

Remember that we can e-mail the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and also our local Member of Parliament.  You can also sign up to the petitions calling for sanctions against Israel and also that Britain stops selling arms to Israel.

But please remember that after doing all these physical actions, you MUST supplement them by doing the most important spiritual action – and that is Dua (prayer).

Because at the end of the day, this matter rests with the Almighty, and He is looking at us right now, He is looking at each and every one of us and He wants to see what we do and who we turn to.

So for the solution to this problem, we must turn to Allah, God -  whichever Faith you are from, please just pray – pray for these people, because they are no different to me and you.  We just have to remember and that we are not in this crisis because of the Mercy of God – not because we are better than them and certainly not because they are undeserving.

They are also human beings.  They also have families.  They also have dreams and aspirations.  Their flesh is the same as our flesh and the blood that runs through their veins is no different to ours.

So please, do as much as you can through legitimate means and then pray as much as you can and get your effort accepted by the Being that makes it all happen.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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3 Responses to “The Difference between 200,000 and 50,000”

  1. must read
    intresting strategy by israel – if you control the airwaives and no knows any info people will be quiet

    pass on the info

  2. Hmm, a very interesting read T – a classic example of the use of information to have a direct bearing on the thoughts and actions of the public.

    Isn’t it funny that althought the attack is continuing, news coverage of it has died down?

  3. It is good to see and hear the Muslim ummat unite and speak out against the oppression occurring against the innocent people in Gaza. It is also good that we are motivating each other to take action whether it is by making dua, donating, protesting and other beneficial actions. But it is only with the Help of Allah that this oppression will stop.
    Let it not be that all our good actions like protesting, marching, writing to MPs are all in vain, because by not refraining from sin, not fulfilling the commands of Allah and not following the Sunnah, we stop Allahs Mercy from showering upon us, and bring His Anger and Wrath instead.
    Let it not be that we go to the march on Saturday, but the following morning we miss our Fajr Salaat, because it is by fulfilling the commands of Allah, that the Help of Allah will come. How when 313 defeated 1,000 in Badr, 40,000 Muslims defeated 200,000 Romans, and so many similar incidents have occurred throughout history, all this did not happen because of mere lip-action, but because they sought the help of Allah through their good actions.
    Incidents such as these and other natural disasters should be a lesson to all Muslims to reform themselves, not only for a couple of weeks whilst it’s in the headlines but better themselves for good.
    Hadhrat Uthman R.A has said “When the people stop enjoining good and forbidding evil, then Allah S.W.T will make the worst amongst them their leaders, and even when the best amongst them makes dua to Allah it will not be accepted.” That is why whatever encouragement we can give to our fellow Muslims whether it is by gently waking up family member for Fajr salah, encouraging friends to attend religious gatherings or marches, stopping friends and family from sinning, all these will have a great bearing on the conditions around us.
    Just a few interesting websites I came across:
    One about America controlling the information that the media portrays. The other about Jewish people demonstrating against the events taking place in Gaza.

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