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Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

So the days pass by, the events keep on happening, the money keeps on piling up and insha-Allah (with the Will of God) it’ll get to Palestine and help those who need it the most.

So it is with great pleasure that Hidayahblog presents to you the most inspiring fundraiser run done by the Savile Youth Juniors Football Club.

Done by the children of Savile Town, Dewsbury for the children of Gaza, Palestine.  A fundraiser run to raise money for Palestine and guess what?  They raised a whopping £7,000.00 masha-Allah (whatever Allah Wills).

So here’s the video, please take a step back, and reflect on what is STILL happening in Palestine and keep doing your bit.  Whether it’s a fuindraiser, or a boycott of Israeli products or a letter to the Prime Minister – keep doing the actions that will make a difference and keep making the Duas (supplications) that will make a difference so that we can be a means of the Palestinian people recovering the peace and freedom they once enjoyed.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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  1. Mashallah well done, very impressed indeed

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