The Bush Fires

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

As many of us will have seen the tragic scenes on our news with regards to the bush fires in Australia, many lives have been lost, so many lives have been destroyed.

We here in England probably thinking “hot!? Its freezing here with the snow an’ all!” but that so easily could be us in the summer.  With so many scientists all pointing to the fact that this maybe due to global warming, we have to take a step back and think to ourselves and reflect about this beautiful world which Allah has given us – what have we done to it? Have we respected it? Have we looked after it? What have we really done?

The same way someone gives you something valuable to look after, you do your utmost to make sure it is safe and well looked after.  But why is it when it comes to the Earth we have done nothing. As Muslims we believe that Allah has created everything from human beings to the fish in the sea to the birds in the sky. Many of us have been told by our learned Scholars that even the trees and the birds sing the Praises of Allah, but yet we don’t look after them, but they look after us.

Take the tree for example, simple, but what an amazing creation of Allah, it takes the carbon dioxide from the earth and makes it into oxygen for us, but do we really appreciate it – what would we do without trees?

So the same way we saw so many lives being lost in Gaza and the hurt we felt in our hearts, we must feel this at this time.  Killing of innocent people is wrong, and so is sitting down and not doing anything as our Earth, the Earth that Allah created for us is getting destroyed.

So our prayers go out to the people of Australia in their time of need and may Allah make it easy for you, and our prayers continue for the shattered lives in Palestine – may Allah give you strength in your hearts and the political and humanitarian freedom which is rightfully yours.

Remember, the Qur’an teaches us that God created us from different places and from different tribes and cultures so that we may recognise each other.  So at the end of the day, we humans are all from Adam, regardless of colour, race or creed, and so we MUST do what we can to help each other in our times of need and we MUST pull together to protect and preserve this beautiful place Allah has created for our enjoyment.  This is a way of acknowledging the favours of God, a practical way of giving thanks.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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2 Responses to “The Bush Fires”

  1. As far as looking after the environment is concerned, we as muslims should be way way ahead in looking after what Allah has given us. As ‘T’ commented recently about valuing something that is not yours but is an Amaanat (Trust),In the same way we will be questioned about what we did with the land that we lived on and whether we looked after it or not. One of the things we can do as muslims is actually try to recycle and try to promote about looking after your neighbourhood. Simple ideas like informing the youth at the local ‘madaris’ as well as grown men who are unfortunately unaware of such issues. A simple notice on the notice board or or even a recyling bin outside the madrasah perhaps! This would be easier if we had a committee member who is a persuasive role model or you could say a ’shephard amongst his sheep’ who would be prepared to instil such motives in the local community.
    (Wouldn’t you think so SID)?

  2. A very true comment something we lack so much. We would be gratefull if more of these ideas are passed on

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